4 Access Control Tips for Home


Having a home automation system installed in your house isn’t just smart, it’s safe as well.
We’ll cover one of the big sellers in the home automation world: smart locks.

A smart lock is paired with your smart home systems so that control can be done from your smartphone, computer or your system’s touchpad.

Here are 4 tips on how to get the most out of your smart locks!

1. Forgetful?
You rush out of the house late, spilling coffee on your way out, trying to get to your car to hit the road before bad traffic, half way to work, you realize you don’t remember if you locked the front door or not. Fear not, pull out your trusty smart phone and check the status of your door locks, if it’s unlocked a quick touch of a button will lock your door for you!




2. Easy Access.
Your neighbor forgot to turn off the iron and calls you to ask you to go turn it off for them, where is the first place you’ll look for a key? Under the front door mat. With smart locks we can get rid of that hiding place and hiding keys completely!
With a smart lock installed on your door you can control who goes in or out all with your smart phone. Pretty smart.




3. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.
Your house is on fire, the doors and locks are way too hot too touch, so you can’t get outside to the safety away from your house being on fire. When your home automation system has both smoke detectors and smart locks on it, the smoke detector can send a notification to your monitoring station and unlock the doors that have smart locks on them, making escape easy, and the response time immensely shorter.




4. Medical Emergencies.
If you have aging parents who live alone, this one will strike a note with you. Imagine they just had a stroke, with strokes every second counts to be able to have a full recovery. Your parents press the panic button which signals for emergency services to come and it also unlocks the front door so that the EMT’s or firefighters don’t have issues getting in to distribute help.






Smart locks, mean a safe house.
A safe house, means a smart owner.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.