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Access Control Systems

Who you let in to your facilities — and how you let them in — plays a large role in the overall security of your business. We often think of burglars as highly cunning, but the truth is that, in most corporate incidents, thieves simply walk in an unsecured entry. No matter how vigilant you are, keys can be lost or copied, and doors can be left unlocked. These are major vulnerabilities that are easily exploited.

An investment in advanced access control systems is important for any business. At Titan Alarm Inc., we specialize in commercial security systems that help our clients minimize risk through advanced technology. We have supplied commercial access control systems for Paradise Valley businesses of all sizes. Let us match you with the right solution for your facility.

Sophisticated Products and Expert Capabilities

Effective access control requires sophisticated solutions that are easy-to-use and programmable to reflect the day-to-day challenges that are a reality of today’s businesses. At Titan Alarm, we offer everything from card- and keypad-based systems to biometric and request-to-exit (REX) verification. Many of our solutions are cloud-based, which means they don’t require an on-site server and can be accessed from any smartphone using our handy mobile app.

We know that security can’t come at the expense of your other business goals. In a busy workplace, access control needs to be fast and straightforward. If you have an in-house security team, we’ll work with them to develop a comprehensive system that keeps your important assets safe without jeopardizing your productivity.

Support Every Step of the Way

Titan Alarm is a dedicated partner for any business requiring an enterprise-grade access control system in Paradise Valley. We’ll be there from your initial consultation onward, helping ensure the installation of your system goes smoothly and that any necessary maintenance issues are addressed right away. We provide training for your staff and optional extended warranty coverage for long-term protection. When it’s time to move to new facilities or expand your existing compound, our scalable systems help facilitate that growth without a major investment in new infrastructure.

Who We Serve

We are a proudly local business offering dedicated support for customers in Paradise Valley. When you count on us for an access control system, you are working with a company that knows the area, understands the threats against your business and can respond quickly and effectively in any emergency. Our commercial customers range from small retail storefronts to major corporations with expansive facilities. We provide customized access control systems for office buildings, manufacturing plants, storage units and more — our products can be installed in facilities with anywhere up to 10,000 entry points.

Home Access Control

An access control system can be a valuable addition to any comprehensive home security package. Typically found on larger properties and estates, access control systems make it easier to manage guests, visitors and staff. Go beyond lock-and-key based security with our high-tech, integrated systems that provide around-the-clock peace of mind.

If you’d like to learn more about access control options for your home, give the Titan Alarm team a call today.

Advanced Security Access Control

In Scottsdale and all across the region, both homeowners and commercial businesses are utilizing the latest technology to make their premises safer and more secure. The measures you took to guard against unauthorized access and intrusion five, 10 or even 20 years ago are in many ways obsolete. Rather than a lock-and-key system that can easily be copied, cracked or manipulated, Titan Alarm offers access control systems that are smart, cost-efficient and effective.

We are a security alarm company that provides comprehensive solutions that are completely automated and integrated into a single, web-accessible system. Our residential and commercial access control systems in Scottsdale, AZ give you the power to monitor and manage exactly who is able to enter your building or specific areas within your business. Whether you’re still at work and need to ensure your children are able to enter the house after school or you run a busy commercial space with dozens of employees and customers coming and going all day long, our access system allows you to maintain total control from the convenience of a smartphone app.

Commercial Access Control in Scottsdale

Titan Alarm offers a full-service experience for businesses interested in an access control system in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. From one to two-door systems for smaller business locations to multi-facility systems with thousands of potential access points, there’s no job too small or large for our capabilities. We’ll help reduce the risk of lost, stolen or copied keys while taking your security to a higher level with a scalable system that offers smart access control for all types of entry functions.

Take comfort in knowing you can keep track of everyone coming and going at all times from your business location by supplying each user a specific code to the doors which they are granted access to. You’ll even get an automated text or alert when designated access points are currently in use, along with the ability to visually confirm and monitor individuals via HD video surveillance.

Additional advantages of choosing a commercial access control system from Titan Alarm include:

What Sets Us Apart in Access Control

Scottsdale and the surrounding areas are Titan Alarm territory for commercial access control. Unlike the competition that outsources work to unaffiliated contractors to install an access control system, we only hire experienced security system professionals who will treat you and your home or business with respect. You get access to the top selling security system in Arizona and across the nation, along with customer service that goes the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Get in touch with us for more information and a free quote on a state-of-the-art commercial access control system in Scottsdale today!

Security With Access Control in Chandler, AZ

When it comes to concerns about residential and commercial security, often our fears focus on things like late night break-ins and elaborate burglaries. While forced entry is a serious concern, the truth is many times those who pose a threat come walking through the front door.

When you partner with Titan Alarm for your commercial or residential security needs, you gain the peace of mind of an access control system capable of keeping your people, property and possessions well protected.

We’re a full-service burglar alarm company known throughout the region for providing the most effective and efficient security solutions. Our fully automated alarm systems include the latest features in home and commercial access control Chandler residents and businesses trust and rely on. With an access control system with real-time video surveillance and imaging, you’ll never worry about whether or not you left the doors unlocked or wonder if anyone is accessing to your premises undetected.

The Benefits of a Commercial Access Control System

Chandler area businesses still reliant on antiquated lock-and-key systems are leaving the safety and security of their premises to chance. Each time you issue a key to an employee, client or associate, you’re taking the risk it might somehow end up in the wrong hands. While keys can easily be copied, lost, stolen or abused, an intelligent commercial access control system provides total authority over who is able to enter your business and when.

When you choose a Titan Alarm access control system in Chandler and the surrounding areas, you benefit from:

The Trusted Source for Access Control in Chandler and Beyond

Titan Alarm offers state-of-the-art home and business security backed by customer service dedicated to your complete satisfaction. As a local, family owned and operated alarm company, we treat our clients like the friends and neighbors they are. When you partner with us, you benefit from:

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Guard your premises with total control and visibility at every entrance point with an access control system from Titan Alarms. Contact our knowledgeable representatives for more information, or get in touch with us online to request a call.

Access Control Systems For Your Business or Commercial Property

With the increasing focus on security these days, many business owners are turning to access control systems to make their property safer and minimize the risk of theft. An access control system restricts the entry and exit to a building or specific area within a facility to authorized individuals via electronically based identification and authentication methods.

Examples of commonly used security access control tools include proximity readers that scan key cards or vehicle license plates, access code-enabled keypads, biometric systems that can identify physical characteristics such as fingerprints or hand prints, and swipe card systems.

How To Determine if You Should Have An Access Control System

If you’re thinking of incorporating an access control system into your facility, you’ll need to evaluate a host of factors to ensure you’re making the best choice. You should start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your unique security needs. This includes:

You’ll also need to determine the level of security required for your facility. For instance, swipe card door access systems — using cards with a magnetic stripe and a reader for swiping the card — offer a cost-effective solution for low-security areas. However, there is always the risk that the card could fall into the wrong hands. A biometric system offers a stronger option where maximum security is paramount. Since no finger or hand prints are alike, there is virtually no chance of misidentification, and there are no concerns about lost key cards or pilfered access codes.

Yet another factor to consider is your future security needs. If you’re planning to expand your business at some point, you’ll want a flexible access control system that will adapt easily to a building expansion or remodel. This can prevent the cost of purchasing and installing a brand-new system. Old-fashioned lock-and-key systems are no longer the safest or most effective way to control access to your building or facility. When you issue a key to an employee, client or contractor, you’re actually relinquishing your ability to manage who can enter your facility and when. A commercial access control system from Titan Alarm is the best way to eliminate the risk keys will be copied, accidentally lost, stolen or abused.

  • Mobile Credentials
  • Simplified Access Management
  • Mobile Lock Control
  • Automation Rules, Schedules, and Alerts
  • Seamless Integrated Video

Choose Titan Alarm For All Your Access Control Needs

All across the region is Titan territory for quick and easy access control system installation. While our competitors often send a series of sub-contractors they’re hardly affiliated with to handle the various stages of installation, we’re a family-owned local business that deploys a dedicated team of certified technicians. Our highly trained team will not only oversee the entire installation process with expert precision, they’ll also take the time to ensure you’re completely informed on how to operate your new commercial access control system to its maximum capabilities.

When it comes to commercial access control, businesses and companies throughout Arizona and beyond trust Titan Alarm. Give us a call or submit our easy online form today for more information and a free, competitive quote.

Access Control Security Systems

When you think of home intrusions and robberies, you might picture cat burglars daringly disabling alarms and climbing through attic windows. However, often we let the threats in through the front door. Titan Alarm access control doors eliminate worries you’ve left the door unlocked. You also don’t have to worry that you entrusted the key or code to your home to the wrong individuals. These doors are an effective line of defense for keeping your family and possessions secure. Titan Alarm is a full-service home security company with a growing reputation for delivering access control platforms Arizona homeowners trust and rely on. Our modern, easy-to-use access control security systems provide complete oversight of locks, doors and all other entry points to your home from a smartphone app or online portal. Whether you need to let a friend in to water the plants or want to make sure the front door is locked and the alarm activated, our access control platform makes life safer and easier than ever before.

Better Security With Access Control Doors

Keys are often copied or stolen, and doors to your home can be inadvertently left open. Our innovative access control platform is an integrated system that lets you monitor and manage the entry points to your home 24/7 from anywhere in the world. When you choose to take the security of your home to the next level with access control doors from Titan Alarm, you benefit from:

Get in touch with Titan Alarm for more information about our access control platforms in Arizona and across the region. Give us a call or submit our online form to request a free quote today!

Control For Door Locks and Garage Doors

Quit leaving spare keys under hidden rocks and mats, and quit wondering if you forgot the garage door open. Bring your security to the next level with total control and visibility at every entrance to your house. Titan Alarm integrates your garage door opener and door locks into our smart home and smart phone platform, giving you real-time video and images, control and options you can customize for your home security system.

access controlAccess Control means much more than you think. Did you know that when you issue a key to an employee, you have just forfeited control of your facility? Keys can be copied, stolen, lost, abused, etc.

Access Control Systems Protect Your Business Call: (800) 973-9001 Today!

Titan Alarm offers highly scalable, intelligent access control systems that support all types of access control functions.

Access Control Systems

Whether you need a simple 1-2 door system for a small business or need an enterprise level system covering 10,000 doors across multiple facilities, we have the right solution to meet your demands and help you regain control of your facility.

Professional Installation
At Titan Alarm, we hire the most skilled installers available so that we can provide a “turn key” solution. With other providers, the installation of the access control system may be divided amongst different sub-contractor specialists. Our installers perform the entire installation, from the wiring to the installation of the locks to the programming of the system server. Once the system is complete our installers will take the time to walk you through the operation of the system.

access control sales

We can add access control onto virtually any type of door! Maglocks, strikes, electrified handle sets, automatic door openers, or handicapped door systems can all be installed or configured to work with our systems.

Our systems are capable of any type of access/egress device, including:

access control installation

  • Smart Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Proximity Cards
  • Biometric Devices (Fingerprint/Retina Scan/Handprint)
  • Keypad
  • Bar Code Cards
  • Wiegand Cards
  • REX Devices (Motion Detectors/Push Buttons/Infrared/Crashbars)

Whether you just need to protect one door or have multiple facilities that you need integrated, Titan Alarm has the expertise and technology available to create the perfect access control solution for your business.

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