Exploring the Benefits of Motion Sensor Lighting


Many home security experts recommend a layered approach when implementing a security system — the more layers that exist, the harder it is for intruders to enter your home. Motion sensor lighting provides an effective outer perimeter that serves as the first level of defense against uninvited guests. This type of lighting features intuitive sensors that can detect motion via body heat, which then activate bright exterior lights on your property.

The numerous benefits of motion sensor lighting include:

  • No need for full-time lighting: Some homeowners choose to install exterior floodlights that automatically come on when it gets dark — and stay on throughout the night. While the presence of bright lighting can deter invaders, the cost of keeping lights on all night can be prohibitive.

On the other hand, motion activated lighting will only come on when someone breaches the designated security perimeter. You’ll achieve the objective of illuminating your property, while also saving money on your electric bill. Many of these systems include LED lighting for enhanced energy efficiency. And the element of surprise when the lights suddenly come on will usually scare the intruder.

  • Immediate awareness of a potential threat: Suppose you’re at home at night, relaxing and watching TV. Suddenly, your motion activated security lighting comes on. A quick glance out the window can help you determine the nature of the threat — and whether you’ll need to investigate further or contact the police.
  • Linking with video surveillance cameras: Many motion sensor lighting solutions can be integrated with video surveillance cameras to bolster your home security. When an intruder triggers the motion sensors, it will also activate the cameras so you can view the situation via your monitor, home computer or even your smartphone. The cameras will also record the event, which can prove beneficial in criminal prosecutions.
  • No need to worry about turning the lights on: If you’re frequently away from home, motion-activated lighting prevents the need to have someone flip the switch after dark. The triggering of the sensors will automatically turn on the lights whether you’re at home or hundreds of miles away.
  • Convenience: Motion sensor lighting can also make your life a little easier. For example, their automatic activation enables you to illuminate the walkway to your home when you arrive home after dark with a full load of groceries or when taking out the trash before you go to bed.
  • Keeping four-legged intruders away: Are you tired of having raccoons rooting through your trash, rabbits ravaging your garden or the neighbor’s dog leaving his “calling card” on your lawn? Strategically placed motion-activated lighting can put a scare into these and other four-legged visitors — and help keep them from coming back.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.