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    Video Verification Services and Motion Sensor Security

    For schools, warehouses or any other location where safety is a primary concern, it pays to have a local source for world-class security solutions. Video verification services is a necessary step to your security system in order to protect your property against unwanted intruders. On top of video verification, motion sensors are an integral part of an integrated security system capable of providing a higher level of personal protection. Titan Alarm is your go-to source for burglar alarms, mobile security applications and high-tech motion sensors for everything from retail stores to commercial offices in Arizona and throughout the region.

    Our technologically advanced video verification and motion sensors for schools and businesses provide a number of features and benefits, including:

    • Multi-layered defense against intrusion or unauthorized access.
    • Ability to detect after-hour activity and entry to restricted areas.
    • Faster response time with instantaneous mobile alerts.
    • Real-time access from a secure remote location.

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      No matter the type of building, facility or range of requirements, Titan Alarm can build a customized, automated security system including video verification that efficiently meets your needs. We offer a complete range of solutions for ramping up security and keeping a closer eye on what’s happening on your campus, at your workplace or around your storage facility. Solutions include:

      • Video verification provided by a 24/7 technician to monitor your property
      • Quick Response time assistance provided to local authorities from Titan Alarm
      • Motion sensors for warehouses. schools, offices, commercial complexes, and retail outlets

      Arizona area businesses, educational institutions, commercial buildings and more can operate with peace of mind knowing that their premises are free of unwanted or illegal intruders. With a video verification service, 24/7 video monitoring and technician support, and motion sensors in place to detect movement at entrance points and sensitive areas, you’ll instantly be made aware of any person or thing coming and going on your property.

      Give us a call or fill out our quick online request form for more information on video verification services and motion sensor installation for schools, warehouses, retail stores and offices across Arizona. Our knowledgeable team will be pleased to schedule a free professional assessment.

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