Construction Site Security Systems

If you operate a construction business in the Phoenix area, how confident are you that your jobsites are secure when no one is there? A construction site can be a prime target for thieves looking to steal any unguarded property they can get their hands on — and vandals can cause thousands of dollars in damage to land, partially constructed buildings and earthmoving equipment. This can lead to extensive project delays that can prevent you from meeting crucial deadlines.

The good news is that you don’t have to go through the trouble and expense of hiring security guards to keep an eye on your jobsite. Titan Alarm, Inc. can provide an effective, reliable construction site surveillance system that will allow you to monitor all site activity on a 24/7 basis. You will have the peace of mind of knowing your jobsite is safe and secure at all times.

We Offer State-of-the-Art Construction Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance provides a cost-effective option for keeping a constant eye on your construction site. Well-placed cameras can monitor the most vulnerable areas on the property. The visible presence of construction site security cameras can also serve as an effective deterrent to thieves and vandals. Today’s advanced security camera systems also include robust video recording capabilities so you can easily identify intruders.

Titan Alarm, Inc. is your source for high-quality construction site monitoring camera products from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. These innovative IP camera systems provide high-resolution HD video that delivers remarkably clear picture quality. They also include sophisticated software with numerous user-friendly features that give you complete control over the video monitoring process. Continuous cloud recording allows you to quickly and easily review all past events. Many of our security cameras also provide long-range video detection, which is ideally suited for larger construction sites.

Experience the Flexibility of Wireless Construction Site Security Cameras

Understanding that construction sites are temporary in nature, we strive to provide camera system options that offer the benefit of flexibility. Our video surveillance solutions include wireless camera technology designed for construction companies that frequently move from one site to another. The absence of cabling enables the cameras to be set up and taken down quickly, and they can easily be moved from one site to another as needed.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

While cameras can effectively monitor a site and record all activities, they may not necessarily deter all intruders. Titan Alarm, Inc. also offers perimeter intrusion detection systems that can bolster your defense against uninvited guests at large construction sites, as well as fence lines and property borders. These cutting-edge systems combine the latest motion tracking technology with thermal imaging, radar and intelligent analytics. Around-the-clock monitoring lets you and the authorities know the instant an intruder attempts to enter the construction site.

Remotely Monitor and Control Your Construction Site Security System

Our construction site security systems include the capability to control all system activity and functionality even if you are hundreds of miles away. You will be able to control cameras and other devices via your Web-enabled computer or mobile device while you are in the office, at home or on the road. You will also be able to view live and recorded video and receive an alert the instant something occurs. What’s more, remote monitoring offers a convenient way to keep an eye on multiple construction sites.

Titan Alarm, Inc.: A Full-Service Construction Site Security System Provider

At Titan Alarm, Inc., we don’t just sell the best construction site video surveillance and intrusion detection systems in the Phoenix area. We also provide a level of service that is unmatched in the region. We will work with you to design and install the right system for your requirements. We also offer prompt and reliable maintenance and repair service to ensure your security product remains in peak operating condition for years to come. All work is performed by skilled, knowledgeable Titan Alarm, Inc. employees — unlike many of our competitors, we don’t depend on 1099 contractors to perform any of our security services. Great products and excellent service has helped make Titan Alarm, Inc. one of the fastest-growing security companies in Arizona and throughout North America.

Contact Us to Schedule a No-Obligation Construction Site Security System Consultation Today

One thing’s for sure: The security threats to your construction sites are very real, and they won’t disappear anytime soon. The best way to protect your jobsites is by installing a top-quality security system from Titan Alarm, Inc. Contact us to schedule a convenient, no-obligation security consultation today.