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Security Systems for Businesses in Phoenix

When you’re searching for the best business security systems in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, Titan Alarm can help you protect your business. Our easy-to-use security systems for businesses utilize advanced technologies that deliver a higher level of protection for your customers, employees and valuable assets. We offer fully automated security system services you can control from an online portal or from the convenience of an app on your smartphone. Read on to learn more about our complete selection of modern security solutions, ranging from remote surveillance and access control to fire protection and commercial alarms, in Phoenix and across the region.

The Best Home & Commercial Security System in Phoenix

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Intrusion Protection

Titan Alarm offers the best security system in Phoenix and throughout Arizona, including the most advanced intrusion detection systems available on the market. An intrusion alarm allows us to monitor your facility when you aren’t there, keeping your property, people, and product safe and secure. Detection devices in our complete commercial business security systems include:

  • Door contacts
  • Motion sensors
  • Photoelectric beams (often used for large spaces like storage yards or warehouses)
  • Glassbreak detectors
  • Holdup buttons


Video Surveillance

Titan Alarm is one of the largest installers of IP video cameras in Arizona. We proudly sell the best business security system available in Phoenix and across the nation. A well designed video surveillance system comprised of HD-quality IP cameras can not only provide higher security over your facility, but is also a powerful tool for increasing productivity and efficiency of employees, processes, and customer service.

Features of our video surveillance security systems for businesses include:

  • Scalable, enterprise-level solutions
  • Variety of different systems and functions available
  • Sophisticated software
  • Long range video detection
  • Wireless video detection systems
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • Cloud Recording


Access Control

An access control system is critical to the physical security of your building. Many business owners don’t realize that they have forfeited total control over their building when they issue keys to an employee. Keys are easily duplicated/stolen, and don’t provide the ability to track usage or to regulate time and day that they function. Titan Alarm deploys the most sophisticated and reliable, yet simple access control systems available to help our clients regain control over their building.


Video Verification

Traditional security systems for businesses often trigger false alarms, and because of this many jurisdictions require verification to receive a priority response from law enforcement. With our commercial business security system, a verified alarm triggers a priority response from police allowing them to arrive in time to stop damage or theft of your property. Titan Alarm has partnered with leading security companies to offer video verification of alarm events. Our systems capture video once a sensor is activated, the video can quickly be verified as a real event and dispatch police within seconds.

The differences in response times are often dramatic making video verification a must for companies that are serious about protecting livelihood. We offer the videofied system, which is wireless and cellular and can be installed in any location, on rooftops, in remote locations, powerless job sites and more.

Average Police Response Times to Alarms

Traditional Alarm Systems

  • Phoenix, AZ 40min to 2 hrs. 110%
  • Boston Mass 21min 30sec 70%
  • Chula Vista, CA 19 min 18 sec 65%
  • Salinas, CA 39 min 25 second 100%
  • Fairfax County, VA 18 min 2 sec 65%

Verified Video Alarm Systems

  • Phoenix, AZ 5min, 13sec 8%
  • Boston Mass 7:38 14%
  • Chula Vista, CA 5 Min 5 sec 10%
  • Salinas, CA 2min 54 sec 4%
  • Fairfax County, VA 6 min 12%

Industries We Serve

Our security experts work with any business and offer custom solutions to serve your needs. Here are some of the industries we serve and applications of our security systems you can use for your business. Learn more about the high-tech solutions and commercial alarms Phoenix area businesses choose for superior security. Get a free, competitive quote from Titan Alarm today!

Residential and Realitor Security

Strip Malls / Vacant Stores

Offices / Commercial Property


Vehicle Lots

Fenced Lots

Copper Theft


Cell Towers

Parks & Recreation

Guard Enhancement

Remote Facilities, Mines, Gravel Pits


Law Enforcement

Petro / Chem

Remote Facilities, Mines, Gravel Pits

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