Security Systems for Restaurants

Like most public establishments these days, restaurants and bars in the Phoenix area face a number of security challenges that can negatively affect their bottom line and possibly even pose a threat to their patrons and employees. As with any business that handles money, there is always the risk of a burglary or armed robbery. If the establishment serves alcohol, an intoxicated patron could become violent — what begins as a relatively minor complaint or argument could quickly escalate into a dangerous situation with potentially tragic consequences.

The security threats can also come from within. Employee theft is actually the most type of crime in a restaurant and can encompass everything from the misuse of credit cards, coupons and gift certificates to the blatant stealing of cash. In many cases, theft occurs at the hands of “trusted” employees who have intimate knowledge of the restaurant’s operating procedures, as well as easy, unfettered access to funds.

The best way to protect your assets and ensure the safety of your staff and patrons is to install a state-of-the-art restaurant security system. Titan Alarm, Inc. is your Phoenix-area headquarters for technologically advanced restaurant & bar security systems that will safeguard your establishment on a 24/7 basis and give you total peace of mind.

Restaurants face the constant risk of fire in the kitchen area. Early detection of a fire can make the difference between life and death. Our assortment of cutting-edge restaurant alarm systems includes fire alarm products that will ensure early, accurate detection. Our complete fire alarm systems consist of alarms, smoke detectors and everything else you need to ensure the safety of your patrons and employees, as well as maintain compliance with local fire codes.

We offer a host of innovative restaurant security camera systems that will allow you to closely monitor both the inside and outside of your establishment. We feature high-quality IP cameras that provide clear, detailed HD video images and remote monitoring capabilities. You can place these reliable restaurant security devices in critical locations including: General areas such as foyers and hallways leading to and from restrooms and supply storage rooms Above or near cash register areas to deter employee fraud and theft Kitchen entranceways Management office doors Delivery/loading dock areas Parking lots to protect patrons and employees on their way to or from their vehicles and minimize the risk of exterior property damage All of our restaurant security camera systems are equipped with intelligent, intuitive software that enable you to simultaneously view all camera feeds, replay videos and quickly locate specific occurrences when needed. We also offer complete system design services to ensure the most effective security camera placement.

Unless your establishment is open around the clock, you face the risk of after-hours burglaries and break-ins. Our security solutions include advanced restaurant alarm systems that allow you to monitor your facility even when no one is there. Get the benefit of a verified burglar alarm that triggers a priority response to the authorities in your immediate area. You can also select from a broad assortment of additional intrusion detection technologies including motion sensors, glass-breakage detectors and photoelectric beams. What’s more, you get the convenience of 24/7 system monitoring and control via your Web-enabled computer or mobile device.

An Experienced Security Systems Provider You Can Trust

When you choose Titan Alarm, Inc. for your restaurant security management system needs, you get a company that has been proudly serving businesses throughout the Phoenix area since 2008. As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the unique security requirements of businesses in the area, enabling us to recommend the best solution for your establishment.

As a full-service restaurant surveillance system company, we can handle every aspect of your security system project, including complete design and installation service. You can also count on us for timely preventive maintenance and repairs to keep your system in peak operating condition for as long as you own it. All work is performed by well-trained, highly skilled Titan Alarm, Inc. employees — we never use 1099 contractors or outside vendors.

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If you don’t have a trustworthy security system in your restaurant or bar, you are not fully protecting your valuable business assets or the people who enter it. Take the all-important next step to safeguarding your property against all internal and external security threats. Contact Titan Alarm, Inc. to schedule a no-obligation on-site security assessment today.