Security Systems for Vacant Property

Whether it is an unoccupied home that is currently for sale, an empty apartment building unit that is in between tenants or a secondary or vacation home that is only in use during certain times of the year, vacant properties offer an inviting target to vandals and thieves. Even a home that is vacant for a short period of time, such as when the owners are away on vacation, is susceptible to break-ins and burglaries.

The fact that no one is there to monitor a vacant property requires additional security measures to reduce its vulnerability. If you own any type of vacant or unoccupied property in the Phoenix, AZ area, Titan Alarm, Inc. offers a wide range of state-of-the-art vacant property security systems that can meet your needs. You will have the ability to remotely monitor your property on a 24/7 basis, even if you are hundreds of miles away.

Do you rely on a property manager or friend to look after a vacant property? The truth is that keys and security codes can easily fall into the hands of individuals you don’t wish to have access to your home. Our access control solutions allow you to manage who enters your home at all times. We can install access control doors on all entry points, including your garage, that allow you to open and close them remotely with your mobile device. You will also be able to activate and deactivate your alarm system as needed.

Video surveillance cameras alone may not deter burglars from entering an empty home. Our vacant property monitoring systems, however, also include motion sensors that will detect the presence of intruders. Pairing motion sensors with one of our burglar alarm products provides an effective one-two punch that can stop burglars in their tracks. A verified alarm automatically triggers a priority response to law enforcement in your local area. You can also receive an instant alert via your mobile device.

If you can’t be there to keep a close eye on your property, we can provide reliable video surveillance that can serve as a type of electronic “watchdog.” We feature the latest, most technologically advanced IP cameras that can provide crystal-clear HD images so you can see exactly what is happening around your property at any time of day or night. You also get the benefit of continuous cloud recording that enables you to review all past events, as well as instant alerts and smart video clips to help you stay informed. We have the expertise to help you determine the best locations for camera placement on your property. Video feeds are observed by a central control monitoring center to provide a fast response should a break-in or other emergency situation occur.

Whether you are away on a business for just a few days or plan to take an extended vacation, our home automation services can give you total peace of mind that your property will remain safe and secure. You will be able to control the lighting to make it appear someone is occupying the property, which can effectively deter thieves. You can also control the operation of appliances, heat and air conditioning units and door locks while you are away. You get everything you need to manage security of a vacant home with your tablet or smart phone — you even get complete video monitoring capabilities with your mobile device.

Put Your Trust in Titan Alarm for Securing Your Vacant Property

Why choose Titan Alarm Inc. to provide security for a vacant house in the Phoenix area? In addition to offering the most innovative home security products from top manufacturers, we provide a full range of timely, reliable support services. As a locally owned and operated company, we can handle the design and installation of a security system that meets your needs and budget. We also provide ongoing maintenance and repair service for as long as you remain a Titan Alarm, Inc. customer. All work is performed by well-trained, highly skilled Titan Alarm, Inc. employees — not 1099 contractors who may have limited knowledge of the product or system.

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