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How Access Control Systems Can Provide Around the Clock Security

As a Tucson business owner, one of the most important security measures you can take is controlling access to your facility. At Titan Alarm, Inc. we make around-the-clock building access control a simple and reliable process. We can provide you with a custom-designed access control system that can prove invaluable in your efforts to deter employee theft or keep uninvited visitors from entering your building.

Titan Alarm, Inc. features keyless entry systems with electronic locks that only provide access to users you authorize. Systems are available that are compatible with various types of access cards such as magnetic stripe cards, smart cards and proximity cards, as well as biometric devices that can scan handprints, fingerprints or retinas.

Our systems are scalable from a single door to thousands of doors across multiple facilities. Titan Alarm, Inc. is proud to offer DSX and Brivo access control solutions, two of the most powerful, scalable, and powerful access control platforms available.

Access Control Systems Featuring Smart Technology

Our systems can provide intelligent IP access control that is highly scalable. We offer access control solutions that are completely Web based and include easy-to use interfaces. No continuous server communication is required once the system’s controller unit is programmed.

You can also get the benefit of remote access control for both server and web-based systems for the time spent away from your facility. For web-based servers, use your smart phone or tablet to remotely lock or unlock a door, or add or remove an authorized user from the system. Receive instant text notifications whenever someone enters or exits your facility, whether it’s during or after regular business hours.

Why Choose Titan Alarm, Inc. for Your Building’s Access Control System?

At Titan Alarm, Inc. we’re passionate about business security. We’re a family-owned and locally-operated security solutions provider that has helped Tucson companies in all types of industries protect their properties against fire, theft, vandalism and other threats.

We offer state-of-the-art business security technology along with professional installation and industry-leading customer support. Service contracts are also available that can ensure your access control system is always functioning properly. Our access control systems are affordably priced to meet the needs of today’s budget-conscious business owners in the Tucson area.

Take the Next Step to Protecting Your Tucson Business

To learn more about how installing an access control system can fully protect your business assets, contact Titan Alarm, Inc. today. We’ll be happy to schedule a free on-site consultation at your convenience.

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Upgrade Your Security with an Access Control System

Now more than ever, tight security is paramount in just about any business establishment in Mesa — regulations are increasingly stringent regarding data privacy and security. You must be extremely vigilant as to who has access to your building and other “off-limits” areas within your facility. Easy, unmanaged access to your building can also place you at higher risk of burglary and even employee theft.

A traditional lock-and-key system offers minimal protection against theft and unauthorized entry. When you issue a key to an employee, you’re also relinquishing control over who has access to your building: Keys can be lost or duplicated and can easily end up in the wrong hands. That’s why a rapidly growing number of Mesa business owners are turning to keyless access control systems from Titan Alarm Inc. to protect their property and vital business assets.

What an Access Control System Can Do For You!

We offer the most highly advanced commercial access control solutions from top manufacturers such as Interlogix, Amag Technology, Brivo and TSX. These scalable systems give you the benefit of intelligent access control over a wide range of entry functions. One- to two-door systems are available for facilities of all sizes. You can also choose from numerous access tools including keypads, cards, biometric and REX devices. You even get the convenience of around-the-clock access control management via a Web-enabled computer or smartphone.

Many of these access control systems are cloud-based and require no on-site server. They also provide easy integration with your existing video surveillance systems, as well as additional functionality. They might serve as an employee time or attendance system.

Our Highly Trained, Full Service Installation Team Can Help

In addition to providing expert assistance in selecting the best access control system features for your business, we will handle the installation for you. Your installation will be performed by capable Titan Alarm employees, not potentially unqualified outside contractors. We also provide complete 24/7 customer support for your access control system for as long as you’re a Titan Alarm customer.

Did You Know We Also Install Home Security Access Control Solutions in Mesa?

While access control systems are primarily used to protect commercial properties, Mesa homeowners can also benefit from their installation. Use them to control door locks and garage doors and to remotely monitor and manage all entry points to your home.

Titan Alarm Is the Trusted Business Security Systems Provider in Mesa

Locally owned and operated, Titan Alarm proudly serves the commercial and residential security needs of property owners throughout Mesa, as well as Phoenix, Tucson and surrounding areas. Our commitment to providing the best access control systems and other security solutions and backing them with superior customer service has made us one of the fastest-growing security system providers in Arizona and all of North America.

Contact Us to Upgrade Your Security With An Access Control System

Take control over who has access to your property. Contact Titan Alarm to learn more about the benefits of our commercial access control systems.

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Security System Supplier in Mesa, AZ

Now a days, businesses of all sizes are starting to get more and more serious about their security. So many don’t fully know what they are getting into and call the first one they can find and “hope for the best”, instead of taking the right amount of time to really research and find the best company for their needs.

What Business Security Solutions Does Titan Alarm Offer?

At Titan Alarm we offer a wide range of solutions for your business, and not just security! We have video surveillance systems, alarm systems, access control and even fire systems!

What is an Access Control System?

Access Control systems do what their name sounds like, they control the access to buildings, rooms or resources. When you install an Access Control System you then have access to be able to restrict and monitor who has access to any building, room or facility.

Does my business need an Access Control System?

It’s important for any sized business to keep all data safe, so to do that, we have to keep threats away. Every business does the basic version of that by putting locks on doors and giving keys to employees. You can benefit from an Access Control System if you can answer yes to any of the following questions!

Is a lost/stolen key an immediate security threat to your business?
Do different employees need different access privileges?
Would it be beneficial to restrict or allow access based on time or day?
Do I need a record of when someone enters or leaves a door?
Could my employees and clients be more secure?

Access control systems come in a variety of types and sizes with custom solutions for every company. Titan Alarm is ready to help meet your business’ needs! We have solutions for small businesses to large enterprises. Contact us today to find out how we can help you secure your business with an Access Control System!

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