Common Home Break-in Spots


Few neighborhoods are immune from burglaries and break-ins these days — when you consider that nearly 5,000 home break-ins occur daily in the United States, it’s important to know how to defend your property against intruders and thieves. A good place to start is gaining an awareness of the most common break-in entrances:

  • Front door – It might surprise you that burglars don’t always look for “hidden” areas on your property to find their way inside. In fact, about one-third of burglars enter through the front door, which makes it the most common entry point. And they don’t always bother with picking locks — they’ll simply kick the door down and walk in!
  • Secondary entrances – Many homeowners pay close attention to securing the front door, but they neglect secondary entrances such as back doors and sliding glass patio doors. Burglars are also aware of this, and many will head straight to these areas if they’re unable to gain access through the front door.
  • Attached garage – Approximately 10 percent of burglars enter a home via an attached garage. Too many homeowners leave their garage doors unlocked for convenience, and/or they fail to secure the inner door that leads inside the house. Some thieves also target the garage, as many contain a treasure trove of household goods.
  • Windows – About one-quarter of intruders will come through a first-floor window. Some property owners fail to provide adequate locks for ground-floor windows or even leave them open in warm weather. An ambitious burglar who spots an open second-story window may find a way to climb up — including using the property owner’s own ladder!
  • Cellar doors – If you have an older home with exterior doors that lead to a root cellar, a burglar can use this to enter the cellar and then move into the main areas of your house. Many of these doors are not easily seen from the street, which provides convenient cover for the intruder.
  • Small doors and windows – You might think that burglars cannot get through pet doors or smaller basement and bathroom windows. However, many enlist the help of petite accomplices or even children who can fit through these openings and unlock a main door from the inside.
  • Using disguises – The more enterprising criminals will disguise themselves as police officers, cable TV installers, repairmen, delivery drivers or plumbing contractors. This helps them avoid suspicion as they break into a home. It also provides the ideal cover when plying their illicit trade during the daytime hours.

The Importance of Installing a Reliable Home Security System

Statistics show that a state-of-the-art security system equipped with surveillance cameras, alarms and motion sensors can dramatically reduce the risk of a break-in — approximately 60 percent of convicted burglars indicate that they avoid these protected homes.

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