Common Safety Mistakes in the Workplace



Every responsible employer wants to make their workplace as safe as possible. Safety is crucial in terms of keeping highly valued employees on the job and minimizing the number or workers’ compensation claims a business experiences. However, there are several common safety mistakes employees make, many of which can be reduced or even eliminated through proper and frequent safety training and by implementing appropriate security measures.

  • Slipping/falling: Falls are among the top safety issues at work. In many cases, falling occurs when an employee slips on a puddle of oil or other wet material or due to improper use of a ladder. Improper placement and storage of boxes or equipment is another safety mistake that often leads to tripping and falling.
  • Improper handling of toxic materials: Workplace safety concerns are high in environments where workers are exposed to toxic chemicals or potentially deadly gases. Employers must train their team on how to safely work with and around these common workplace hazards and ensure they are doing all they can to make their workplace as safe as possible.
  • Improper lifting techniques: Improper lifting is a common safety mistake in workplaces that require the handling of heavy objects. Basic safety instruction in any material-handling environment should include how to avoid placing unnecessary strain on the back when lifting.
  • Ignoring a minor injury: Some employees choose to ignore what they view as a minor injury. However, an untreated injury could worsen over time and result in the employee having to miss a significant amount of work. In some cases, the failure to treat an injury in a timely manner could lead to a life-threatening situation.
  • Failing to report inappropriate/unsafe conduct: Employees are often reluctant to report unsafe behavior conducted by their co-workers because they don’t want to make waves or fear retaliation. However, allowing the behavior to continue can place other employees at risk and even lead to a serious safety incident.
  • Inadequate supervision: The action – or inaction – of supervisors may contribute to safety mistakes committed by their subordinates. For instance, a supervisor may fail to take adequate corrective steps when an employee is not following proper safety procedures. Some supervisors may also assume that, because the employees have taken part in safety training, they automatically know how to work in a safe manner and no additional supervisor intervention is necessary.
  • Not having a safety-first mindset: Even the most effective safety programs and supervisory practices will have little impact unless the employees themselves make safety their top priority. Having a safety-first mindset can go a long way toward preventing the most common safety mistakes.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.