Dispelling the Myths Regarding Smart Home Technology


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A “smart” home consists of heating, lighting, appliances and security equipment and devices the owner or occupants can control remotely with a phone, tablet or computer. While this advanced technology can provide a host of valuable benefits — convenience, more robust security, increased energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, to name just a few — some folks remain apprehensive about its implementation. In this post, we’ll explore some of the myths surrounding smart home technology.

Myth # 1: Smart Technology Will “Take Over” Your Home

Some homeowners fear that installing smart technology and automation means that they will no longer have control of their home’s interior temperature, security system features, lighting, etc. The reality is just the opposite — the best smart home systems will give you access to a downloadable app that enables you to adjust the settings whenever you wish. You will have more control than ever over your system’s functionality — not less.

Myth # 2: Smart Homes Are Expensive

There’s a common misconception that smart home technology is only for the wealthy and is unaffordable for the “average” homeowner. According to a survey commissioned by a leading smart home software and hardware provider, 34 percent of Americans believe it would cost $5,000 or more to convert to the technology. However, the company’s data indicates that their typical customer starts with four smart devices at an average cost of around $200. Many homeowners also experience significant energy savings after the conversion, which offsets the upfront expenditure.

Myth #3: Only Tech-Savvy People Can Operate Smart Home Technology

Some homeowners fear that smart technology is too complicated, and they won’t be able to figure out to use it. But if you’re already comfortable using smartphone apps, you’ll likely make a smooth transition to a smart home. The best apps consist of a user-friendly design that enables you to manage all the features with a few swipes and clicks. And a professional security company can handle the entire installation. You don’t have to be an IT genius to enjoy the benefits.

Myth #4: It’s All About Robots

A few homeowners still associate smart home technology with futuristic robots that do all the work. They don’t want mechanical objects patrolling the premises at all hours. However, smart technology does not involve the use of robots in any way — but it does give you access to automated features that provide convenience and will make your life more comfortable.

Myth # 5: You’ll Become Vulnerable to Security Breaches

While it’s true that any Internet-based technology is susceptible to hacking, a top-quality smart system offers little risk of a breach. These devices include state-of-the-art security features designed to prevent infiltration and keep your personal data secure.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.