DIY Home Improvement Tips


A new fad is sweeping the nation, from NYC to LA, homeowners are embracing the DIY lifestyle and wanting to be more hands on with the improvements and changes to their houses. The days of call contractors to help fix a fridge or do hardwood flooring are gone, now homeowners are embracing the challenge and diving head first into home improvement. DIY projects are a lot of fun if you’re someone who’s looking for a challenge, but unfortunately they can turn out disastrous and sometimes life threatening. That is why, if you’re going to be doing DIY projects, make sure you follow a list of safety guidelines to make your home improvement a success.




Use a Sturdy Ladder.

When working on things that would be on your ceiling, like painting, replacing a light bulb or installing security cameras or motion detectors, make sure you don’t skimp out and use a solid, sturdy ladder. Most ladders seem sturdy but one false step, motion or adjustment can have you falling straight to the ground. In fact according to the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) about 2 million Americans need treatment from a medical professional every year from injuries caused by a ladder. Here’s a few pointers to get you off on the right foot:

  • As much as you can, avoid putting the ladder on a soft surface. If you absolutely have to use a ladder on a soft surface, put a piece of plywood underneath of it to reinforce the base.
  • Make sure to keep at least three points of contact when using an extension ladder.
  • Never when using a ladder go above the second from the top rung. If you have to get a little higher, you need a taller ladder.




Use the Correct Tools

When it comes down to home improvement projects, tools can not only make sure that you’re doing the project the most efficiently, but also that you are properly installing or working on something. When most DIYers start a project they normally start with just a hammer and nails, although the larger tools may seem intimidating, you can rent them from your local hardware store, it’s smarter to use bigger tools and have the job done properly rather than using a hammer and nails when a project requires a drill and multiple screws.




Hire A Professional

When you decide to take on installing a Home Security System, there’s only one right way to do it, and that’s calling Titan Alarm and having one of our trained professionals come out to your location and make a customized Home Security System that fits your house’s needs. Security is not something you want to have go wrong when you need it most, so having a professional install it let’s you rest easy knowing that it’s functioning the way it needs to. Give us a call today 602-680-4567, let Titan DIY this project for you.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.