Do You Know Your Sprinkler System?


As the owner of a building or a facilities manager, the building’s fire alarm and sprinkler system may not always be the most pressing priority in your mind, but the systems are very important and it is imperative to be able to understand the basic ins and outs of your sprinkler system. When situations arise, you need to be prepared to take care of the problem and the easiest way is to make sure that you’re working with a professional company that specializes in Fire Systems and Sprinkler Systems.

Although a provider like Titan Alarm is needed for fire sprinkler testing, inspection, installation, and maintenance, it still comes down to being the building owner’s responsibility to make sure the sprinkler system and fire alarm system is functioning up to code, so hiring Titan Alarm helps you stay up to code with our routine maintenance and inspection plans.

Part of the knowledge you need to know as a building owner is knowing what type of system or systems that you have installed in the buildings and facilities, where they are all housed at, and when the most recent testing, inspection and maintenance was performed.

Building owners and facilities managers need to be referring to the NFPA 25, Chapter 4 for a full guide to the responsibilities of owner’s and facilities managers in referral to their sprinkler systems.

There’s a few major points from the NFPA 25 Ch. 4 to pay attention to:

•Make sure you file and know where to locate all of your previous inspection’s paperwork, so that if there is a visit from the fire marshal, it will all be able to go smoothly. If paperwork cannot be found, contact Titan Alarm today to have a technician come out to your facility and be able to do a full inspection and provide you with the required documentation.

•If the building’s usage and functionality changes, it is the building owner’s responsibility to make sure that there are proper sprinkler systems installed for the new codes that are applicable to the new business. If the building owner is unsure of the current codes and requirements that are needing to be met call Titan Alarm today.

•After professional fire sprinkler inspections and testing services are finished and performed, it is the building owner’s responsibility to fix any and all impairments and flaws that are recorded in the documents from the inspection. After any inspection, if any repairs or replacements are needed, the Titan Alarm technician will make sure to go over all options with the building owner.

To have a Titan Alarm professional technician come out and conduct a test and inspection on your current fire alarm system and sprinkler system, give Titan Alarm a call today at 602-680-4567 or fill out one of the forms on the website and someone will be in contact!

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.