Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs Maintenance


Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

One of the worst times to realize your emergency lighting isn’t working is during a power outage or emergency when it’s actually needed. With proper testing and inspection you’ll be able to rely on the fact that your emergency signs and lighting are all functioning properly. The minimum time that is required to keep the lighting working in an emergency situation is 90 minutes, that way during the time that the signs and lighting are illuminated people can evacuate the building and premises safely and efficiently. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you have your emergency lighting and exit signs inspected and maintained.

During your inspection, testing and maintenance of your emergency lighting and exit signs, a Titan Alarm technician will make sure to inspect all of the units in your building and premises, and make sure the lights are all working when they are needed in an emergency or power outage. Each of the units that are being tested, will be trigged to their emergency stages, to check that all of the lighting and signs are functioning for 90 minutes.

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Codes and Standards 

Every business and their premises need to abide by certain codes and regulations set by the local, state and federal government. All of these requirements will affect different areas of a business, things like accessibility, environment and systems, and more for different businesses. The International Building Code or best known as IBC for short, sets most standards for buildings. Not every building and business though, is required to listen to every rule and code the IBC sets.


The International Building Code and National Fire Protection

Many of the standards that the IBC has in place have to do with fire safety and prevention for businesses. With such a large focus on fire safety and prevention, it shows just how important it is to maintain and have your systems checked and inspected regularly. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets all of the standards for fire safety related practices.

The National Electric Code, also known as the NFPA 70 is the code that requires you to make sure that the emergency lighting and exit lights are all under a specific type and code, to make sure they are all functioning properly.

The NFPA rules, codes and regulations do require you to make sure you regularly keep a certain level and standard of different safety measures. The codes also require you to keep your emergency lighting and exit signage in fully operational and functional.


NFPA 101 and What You Need To Do

The Life Safety Code, or also known as the NFPA 101 is by far one of the most important codes your business and premises need to follow. Part of this code requires that you have a monthly inspection done of your business’s emergency lighting and exit signs. Requiring that each unit be tested for a minimum of at least 30 seconds.

Titan Alarm wants to help you and your business be compliant with the NFPA codes and local, state and federal regulations for the safety of your business and it’s employees. To get in touch with a Titan Alarm technician give us a call today and we can set an appointment to have a technician out on your premises.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.