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    Fire Alarms for Homes and Businesses in Arizona

    Selecting a new fire alarm system for your home or business can be a difficult, confusing task these days. Rapid advancements in fire alarm technology in recent years has led to the development of innovative, multifunctional systems that can detect fire and smoke more quickly and efficiently than ever.

    It takes a careful evaluation of each system to choose the one that meets your unique fire protection needs and fits your budget. It’s also important to ensure the system meets all applicable fire codes in your area.

    What Are the Types of Fire Alarms?

    Fire alarm systems can be broken down into three basic categories:

    Traditional: Traditional or conventional alarm systems have been around for decades and are still frequently installed in homes and smaller commercial facilities. They work by dividing the structure into zones featuring detection components that are hard-wired into a control panel. The biggest issue with conventional systems is that they cannot indicate the specific component that’s triggering the alarm, making it difficult to pinpoint the fire’s exact location.

    Addressable: Addressable systems represent a significant upgrade in fire alarm technology. An addressable fire alarm offers one important advantage over a traditional system: the detection components are equipped with individual identifiers that indicate the exact location by display on the control panel, making it easy to target the fire’s origin.

    Wireless: Wireless systems operate via battery power, eliminating the need for wires or cables to connect the control panel to the detection devices. This provides greater design and installation flexibility than a hard-wired system. However, wireless technology makes these the most expensive type of fire alarm system.


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      Local Fire Alarm Providers 

      Whether you own a private residence or run a commercial business, the potential danger of a fire is always a threat you need to take seriously. In any situation that requires the assistance of emergency responders, an effective fire alarm system is your first and most important line of defense. 

      Titan Alarm is a trusted source for installation and fire alarm maintenance in Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Tucson and the surrounding areas. We deliver the high-tech system and professional support to keep your home, store, office or warehouse protected from the unexpected. As a premiere fire alarm provider, we have the modern technology and industry experience to offer a completely automated security system configured to your unique requirements. Choosing our fire alarm installation and maintenance services delivers the peace of mind you’re doing everything in your power to protect your friends and family, customers and employees, home, business and valuable assets. Additional advantages of working with the local expects in fire alarm maintenance and fire alarm installation include:

      • Family-owned and operated company that treats you with respect

      • Experienced and courteous service and installation crews

      • Fire alarm systems that represent the very latest technology

      • Customer service dedicated to your total satisfaction

      • Comprehensive, cost-effective security solutions

      • Complete system automation controllable from a smartphone app or online portal

      Titan Alarm is known for its friendly and professional security system specialists. We truly look forward to assisting you! If you’re searching for an alarm system that is capable of maintaining the safety of your home, office or business, Titan Alarm answers the call. We’re a full-service provider of advanced security systems that meet your needs and fit your modern lifestyle. Our fully automated systems will not only keep out intruders and alert you and emergency services,, but they can also provide the power to monitor and control your entire home 24/7 from wherever you can access the Internet!

      Residential Fire Alarm Providers

      Arizona homeowners searching for a higher level of safety for their family, property and possessions find what they’re looking for with Titan Alarm. 

      Old-fashioned fire alarms that make a loud noise when they detect smoke are largely ineffective. They’re not only subject to malfunction due to low battery power, but they also do nothing to alert the appropriate authorities. 

      Our modern residential alarm systems protect your home from fire damage around the clock, even when you’re not home, sending an automatic alert that triggers the fastest possible response time to limit danger and damages.

      Fire Alarm Systems Help Keep Your Home and Family Safe

      Purchasing a fire detection and monitoring system for your home is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the safety of your family. The experts at Titan Alarm have been designing and installing cutting-edge residential fire alarm systems for years. Our latest systems include features such as advanced sensors, video confirmation, integrated response and cellular communication to detect a fire in its earliest stages. You can also count on us for professional installation and routine preventive fire alarm maintenance. More on that later.

      Did You Know There are Strict Regulations on Commercial Fire Alarm Systems? Let the Professionals Help!

      Any commercial fire alarm system must meet strict regulatory requirements. Titan Alarm will work with you to design a custom commercial fire alarm system that will keep you in compliance and provide reliable protection for your building, property and, most importantly, your employees and customers. As with our residential fire systems, we’ll perform an expert installation of your system as well as provide complete fire alarm maintenance service. Our maintenance includes regular testing to ensure your alarm is working properly and meets all applicable fire codes.

      Fire Alarm Maintenance and Installation

      The professional’s choice for fire alarm maintenance Titan Alarm Inc. offers complete system installations and long-term maintenance that ensures your legal requirements are met and that adequate protection is in place against threats to your property. Ultimately, a fire alarm is your first and most effective form of early warning against a potentially catastrophic accident. It’s a top priority to have an appropriate system installed — and to take regular steps to keep it working its best.

      Fast and Efficient Fire Alarm Installation

      We set ourselves apart from other local businesses by providing world-class home and business security solutions customized to meet your needs. Our experienced team will assist in designing, installing and monitoring a cutting-edge system that’s controllable around the clock via secure online portal or smartphone app. We provide residential and commercial fire alarm installation in and the surrounding area, and our systems include:

      • Advanced sensors that are able to detect signs of smoke and fire early to mitigate damages and potential dangers.

      • Alarm sprinkler systems provide a first line of defense against a fire emergency.

      • HD video monitoring that enables us to visually confirm fires and expedite a quicker, more organized response.

      • IP/cellular communications by phone, Internet or wireless radio connection.

      • Intelligent fire alarm systems integrated with the latest security technology available.

      Fire Alarm Installations

      When it’s time to upgrade your home or business fire prevention system, make Titan Alarm your first choice. We offer some of the most advanced products on the market today and back up everything with exclusive, expert service that helps ensure your system is working at all times. We have provided commercial fire alarm installations for leading businesses, as well as residential systems for the area’s most prestigious addresses. To get started, contact Titan Alarm to schedule a consultation with one of our team members. We’ll go over your requirements and put together a quote for a customized system that meets all your needs.

      Commercial Fire Alarm Installation 

      Whether you own or operate an office, retail space, warehouse, school, medical facility or any public or private location, it’s your responsibility to provide effective fire safety. Titan Alarm not only offers fast and efficient commercial fire alarm installation for businesses, but we also back it up with ongoing maintenance services to ensure alarms remain operational. Our complete commercial systems include everything from advanced sensors and video confirmation to IP/cellular communication and integrated response times. Additional available services include:

      • Fire alarm maintenance to ensure systems are up and running and completely compliant with local regulations and safety laws

      • Repairs on fire alarms at your convenience to provide the ongoing support required to keep systems operating properly

      Maintenance contracts featuring system testing, monitoring and regularly scheduled services, so you can stop worrying about fire safety and concentrate on running your business.

      Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance

      Regular maintenance for your business’ fire alarm system is essential to managing risk and meeting your safety requirements. Too often, however, businesses fail to adequately prioritize fire alarm service, only calling in a professional when something goes wrong. The risks to this approach are obvious. Instead, trust Titan Alarm with all of your service and maintenance needs. We can develop a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan that covers all of your bases with regular testing, monitoring and maintenance. Alternatively, we can give your in-house team the tools needed to properly maintain your system, and limit our role to specialized troubleshooting and emergency repairs. 

      Whatever solution works best for you — our goal is to ensure you have a functional, cost-effective system that keeps your employees, your assets and your neighbors protected at all times.

      Residential Fire Alarm Maintenance

      Depending on the complexity of your system, home fire alarm maintenance can be as simple as running periodic tests to confirm everything is working as it should. More sophisticated fire alarms — such as our integrated systems that combine home security, energy management and automation functions — may need dedicated professional service. Whatever you require, we’ll ensure you have everything you need. We can put together an easy-to-follow maintenance schedule that shows you exactly what you can do on your own, and when to do it. 

      Alternately, consider contracting your fire alarm maintenance out to our team. We will ensure you meet all service requirements to keep your warranty valid and your system running reliably. Whether or not we installed your system initially, give the Titan Alarm team a call today to learn more about your options for fire alarm maintenance.

      Dedicated Fire Alarm Monitoring

      There are many benefits of choosing a fire alarm provider that’s capable of offering the ongoing support necessary to keep your employees, customers, friends and neighbors safe in case of emergency. Following a home or commercial fire alarm installation, we continue to serve our clients by delivering advanced monitoring services to ensure your system is always functioning properly.

      Receive Immediate Text or Email Alerts

      Alarm.com immediately signals the central monitoring station for emergency response and sends you a text or email alert so that you’re aware of what’s happening, no matter where you are. You can choose to receive alerts when the smoke alarm goes off, whenever carbon monoxide is detected, or when a flood sensor is tripped. An Alarm.com home fire alarm system gives you peace of mind, so you’ll be able to react quickly when disaster strikes.

      And, unlike traditional home security systems, Alarm.com connects key systems like energy management and video monitoring so you can set rules to have your home respond to emergency situations – for example:

      • Have the HVAC automatically stop running in the event that carbon monoxide or smoke is detected so that it’s not circulated throughout the house.

      • Set triggers to automatically capture video footage or images whenever the home fire alarm system goes off so you can see what’s happening even if you’re not home.

      • An Alarm.com home fire alarm system enables you to avoid extensive damage from flooding or frozen pipes by getting notifications as soon as flooding is detected, or if the temperature drops below an acceptable threshold so you can react quickly.

      Titan Alarm Inc. Can Help You Choose the Right Fire Alarm

      Titan Alarm Inc. is your one-stop headquarters in the Arizona area for a wide selection of fire alarm systems from leading manufacturers. We also have the expertise to help you determine which system type will work best in your home or commercial building. Our services include complete system design and installation — and you can always count on us for prompt, reliable system maintenance, testing and inspection.

      Contact us to schedule a no-obligation fire alarm system consultation today.


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