Fire System Inspection


Preparing for a Fire Inspection

Inspections for your Fire Systems happen so that the level of safety in your building can be evaluated and their ability to extinguish a fire in case of an emergency. A fire inspection also happens to make sure all safety standards and fire codes are being met and upheld. Without having a fire system inspection, buildings could become unsafe for the public to enter, work in or reside in.

What’s Inspected during a Fire Systems Inspection?

Our technicians will look at a multitude of things during a fire systems inspection, including the following:

1. Design of the building
2. Construction of the building
3. Fire Sprinkler Systems
4. Fire Alarm Systems
5. Fire Emergency Procedures
6. Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans
7. Fire Extinguishers


What are the requirements in a Fire Systems Inspection?

There are requirements that buildings have to meet, both inside and outside, in order to successfully pass a fire systems inspection.

Some of the requirements for the outside of the building can include:

1. The building’s gas meter MUST be covered and protected
2. The building’s address needs to be the right size to be seen from the street
3. Trash and debris shouldn’t be on the grounds of the building

Some of the requirements for the inside of the building can include:

1. Pathways for an exit must be illuminated
2. Extinguishers must be labeled, stickered and tagged
3. Building aisles should be debris, trash and obstruction free
4. Building Capacity signs need to be displayed at the main entrance of your facility
5. Extinguishers must be the proper code for your facility varying on the potential hazards
6. Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms need to be tested and working




How to Prepare for a Fire Systems Inspection.

Keeping up with maintenance is the best way to be prepared for a fire systems inspection.

At Titan Alarm, we offer wide variety of fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems to keep commercial and residential buildings safe.


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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.