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Fire Alarm Systems

In minutes, a fire in your home or business can destroy everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. Investing in a quality fire alarm system is one of the best things you can do — both for your property and your peace of mind. At Paradise Valley’s Titan Alarm Inc., we understand the importance of sophisticated, technologically advanced early warning systems. Our products and services provide superior protection against residential and commercial smoke and fire damage. Keep reading to learn more, or contact our office to request a quote today!

Residential Fire Alarm Systems

Your home is likely to be the single-biggest purchase you make. Why rely on anything less than the best systems on the market today to protect it from fire? A Titan Alarm fire alarm system is a true 21st century solution to preventing residential fires. Our systems are customized to provide full visibility and advanced warning in the event of an emergency. Cloud-based video monitors, available on select systems, allow you to check up on your home from any internet-enabled computer or smartphone. Our UL/FM listed, 5-Diamond certified monitoring team works around the clock to respond immediately to emergencies and filter out false alarms. Best of all, we back up every system we install with maintenance and repair support to ensure your home is protected for the long term.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Your home isn’t the only valuable property that requires protecting. Titan Alarm has worked with leading businesses in Paradise Valley to install fire-monitoring systems that safeguard valuable assets and help meet regulatory and legal requirements. Our commercial customers span a wide range of industries and include everything from small retail storefronts to major manufacturing plants or multi-building compounds. Every business is different — we specialize in customized systems and services that provide advanced protection against all threats.

Testing and Inspections

Your responsibilities as a property owner don’t end once you’ve installed a fire alarm system. In Paradise Valley, you are legally required to have regular system inspections performed by a licensed company. Titan Alarm’s team is fully qualified to inspect and test commercial fire alarm systems to the necessary standards. If we notice any issues that could affect system compliance or performance, we can make the necessary upgrades and provide detailed reporting of our work.

Service and Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is another requirement of any fire alarm monitoring system. For straightforward home alarms, this may be as simple as checking a battery or performing an annual test. For more complex commercial systems, professional assistance may be necessary. Let Titan Alarm set up a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule for your fire monitoring system. We can provide the training and tools you need to perform select regular service items in-house. Alternately, consider contracting maintenance and repairs out to our team entirely. With our expertise, we can make sure you remain vigilant against threats at all times.

Paradise Valley’s Fire Monitoring Systems Experts

Protect what matters most to you with Titan Alarm. We are the professional’s choice for full-service residential and commercial fire monitoring systems in Paradise Valley and beyond. Give our team a call today to learn more about how our products and services keep you safe and sound.

Advanced Fire Alarm Systems in Scottsdale, AZ

The chance of fire is a potential danger every home and business owner has the responsibility to guard against. When it’s time to raise your level of protection against a situation that could destroy your property and risk the lives of family, friends, customers or employees, Titan Alarm offers comprehensive solutions in fire detection in Scottsdale and throughout the region. Our customizable and completely integrated fire alarm systems utilize the latest technology to protect what’s most important to you.

We’re a full-service provider of fire alarm systems for quick and accurate detection and the fastest possible response time. Our experienced team will design, install and inspect your fire alarm system to ensure it’s working properly and continues to do so for years to come. From ongoing maintenance services to fire alarm testing for businesses, commercial locations, multi-family dwelling and private residences, we’ll help effectively mitigate the devastating risks related to a fire emergency.

Commercial Fire Monitoring Systems

For commercial businesses, having a fire alarm system is not only a safety necessity. It’s typically required by law and subject to inspections that can result in fines and sanctions if you aren’t up to code. Titan Alarm provides fire alarm systems that are easy to use, feature the latest technology and exceed the highest safety standards.

In addition to providing convenient fire alarm system installation in Scottsdale and fire alarm solutions scalable to virtually any size or type of business, we also offer comprehensive fire system monitoring, testing, maintenance and repairs. Our seasoned field technicians will perform all applicable testing and inspections and provide detailed fire inspection reports. As an all-in-one service, we’re capable of making any and all changes or repairs necessary to maintaining your system.

Residential Fire System Installation

Scottsdale homeowners who understand the risks a fire presents to your loved ones, property and personal possessions choose Titan Alarm fire detection systems and services. Our residential fire alarm system installations are scheduled at your convenience and performed by experienced industry professionals. As a locally owned and operated family business, we understand your needs for cost-efficient and effective residential fire system solutions.

We offer the most advanced fire monitoring systems in Scottsdale and across the nation featuring:

Get in Touch About Fire Detection Systems Today

As a full service fire alarm systems provider in Scottsdale, we offer everything from professional installation and system testing to ongoing preventive maintenance and annual inspections. When you partner with us, you get the comprehensive fire protection you need, backed by customer services and ongoing technical support dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Give us a call or contact us online for more information and a free quote on Titan Alarm fire detection systems and services for your home or business.

Fire Alarms and Fire Alarm Systems in Tucson, AZ

A fire can wipe out your Tucson home or business in virtually no time at all. Protect your property from the threat of fire with a state-of-the-art fire alarm system from Titan Alarm, Inc. We’re passionate about helping Tucson-area home and business owners safeguard their assets and prevent disasters from occurring.

Whether you’re looking to replace an outdated fire alarm system in your existing Tucson home or business facility or need a system for a new construction project, you can count on Titan Alarm, Inc. to provide the best products at affordable prices. We hold the necessary licensing and training certifications to make sure that your fire alarm system complies with local code requirements from your Authority Having Jursidiction (AHJ).

Commercial Fire Detection With Complete Monitoring Capabilities

Depending on the specific requirements for your location, your fire alarm system may consist of fire sprinkler monitoring devices, smoke detectors/duct detectors, heat detectors, pull stations, and horn strobes. These devices work as a system to keep your employees, customers, and facility safe with the reliability of 24/7 monitoring.

You also get the benefit of an off-site commercial fire monitoring system. Our central monitoring station utilizes the innovative Manitou Bold software monitoring platform that is implemented by millions of fire alarm systems throughout the world. As soon as a fire alarm is triggered, our highly-trained alarmed monitoring agents will be able to dispatch the fire department to your business.

We’re a Local Company You Can Trust for Your Fire Protection Needs

Titan Alarm, Inc. is a family-owned and locally-operated commercial fire alarm system provider that proudly serves the entire Tucson area. In addition to offering the most advanced fire alarm systems in the region, we provide professional installation, testing and inspection services, service and maintenance contracts, and unmatched customer support.

Our expert installers are Titan Alarm, Inc. employees and not 1099 contractors. We also offer a variety of service plans to ensure your fire alarm system will operate properly when the need arises.

A Free On-Site Consultation Is Available at Your Convenience

To learn more about how a commercial fire alarm system from Titan Alarm, Inc. can protect your business, contact us to schedule a free on-site consultation today.

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Fire Alarm Systems in Chandler

From extremely dry conditions to unexpected lightning storms to the threat of arson, fire damage is an issue every home or business owner should be concerned with. Titan Alarm is a fire alarm provider in Chandler and across the region providing comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for keeping your people, property and valuable assets safe and sound. From detection and monitoring systems to advanced fire alarms and IP/cellular communications, we provide everything you need to harbor a safer residential or work environment.

Fire Alarm System Installation

Our experienced team is capable of designing and installing a customized solution for delivering superior protection in the event of a fire emergency. In addition to providing a fully automated system that’s controllable via smartphone application or online portal, we also offer IP/cellular communications to monitor your fire alarm systems over a phone line, Internet or wireless radio connection.

Unlike many competitors that send 1099 contractors they hardly know out on jobs, we only use fully certified, dedicated professionals to install our fire systems. We’ll treat your home, office or business location with respect, showing up on time and completing projects quickly and conveniently.

When you choose Titan Alarm for fire alarm system installation in Chandler, we offer the additional benefits of:

Advanced Detection and Fire Monitoring Systems

Chandler area home and business owners with a Titan Alarm security system enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having the highest level of monitoring and detection. We’ll outfit your premises with the latest tools and technology capable of alerting you and the authorities at the first signs or fire — triggering the fastest, coordinated response. From smart sensors and fire sprinklers to HD video monitoring and integration with your existing automated system, we’re the leading local source in state-of-the-art security.

In addition to providing comprehensive fire detection in Chandler, we also offer 24/7 alarm system monitoring with features including:

Contact The Local Experts in Fire System Installation in Chandler and Beyond

If you’re looking for a partner capable of keeping your residence, office building, commercial complex or any other location where fire safety is a top priority secure, you’ve come to the right place. We’re seasoned industry experts with a track record for providing customized security solutions that fit your needs as well as your budget.

Experience the difference in choosing a family owned and operated local business that puts your convenience and satisfaction first. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about installation, detection, maintenance and fire monitoring systems in Chandler, AZ. Contact Titan Alarm today!

How A Professional Fire System Can Keep You Safe

Installing fire systems in Arizona is more than just a matter of throwing up a few smoke detectors. Arizona fire alarm systems for businesses require careful planning to make sure the building is fully protected from a fire event and that the system fully conforms to all business codes. It means being able to supply and install all of the elements of the system and effective testing and maintenance of the system. Of course, your business is not the only property you need to protect from fire. That’s why Titan Alarm Inc. also services homes in Arizona with complete residential fire alarm systems to protect you and your family in your Arizona home. There’s a lot to think about when considering a fire alarm supplier, and not all fire alarm suppliers are the same. When looking at fire alarm suppliers in Arizona, ask yourself: is this a full-service fire alarm supplier? Do they do fire alarm testing and inspection that will satisfy government regulators? Do they provide fire alarm monitoring? Do they do backflow testing? When you contract Titan Alarm Inc. for your Arizona fire systems, you get all this and more

Fire Alarms

Titan Alarm Inc. offers a wide range of fire alarm systems for commercial and residential properties. Options include traditional systems that are hard-wired to a central control panel, and addressable systems equipped with individual identifiers that can more effectively pinpoint a fire’s location. Wireless systems are also available that offer maximum placement flexibility. Our alarm systems include 24/7 monitoring by our Five Diamond-certified central monitoring station.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are essential safety equipment that can quickly prevent a fire from spreading. There are several different portable fire extinguisher classifications pertaining to the types of materials they’re used to combat. For example, a Class A fire extinguisher is the best choice for controlling the burning of solid, non-metal materials such as paper, cloth and rubber, while a Class C fire extinguisher is used to control electrical fires. The best places to keep fire extinguishers in a home are the kitchen, garage and master bedroom, as well as near outdoor cooking areas.

Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers typically serve as the first line of defense when a fire breaks out. A sprinkler system is equipped with sensors that can detect the heat from a fire and automatically activate a flow of water. A properly installed sprinkler system can deliver the early fire suppression that will keep a blaze under control until the fire department arrives on the scene.

Kitchen Hood Systems

Approximately 65 percent of all home fires begin in the kitchen, and are often cooking-related. A fire hood kitchen suppression system is equipped with a heat-sensitive activation mechanism that will automatically deploy environmentally safe wet chemicals to extinguish fires that break out on stovetops or other cooking areas.

Special Hazard Systems

A special hazard system can provide an excellent fire suppression solution in situations where a standard system is inadequate. They are often used to protect structures containing high-value or irreplaceable items and usually contain effective fire suppression agents such as carbon dioxide, foam, water mist or dry chemicals.

Backflow Testing

Titan Alarm Inc. also offers testing to detect water supply contamination resulting from backflow. Backflow can occur when the positive pressure in a plumbing or fire suppression system is adversely affected, which can cause contaminated water to “back up” into a drinking water supply.

Contact Titan Alarm to Explore Your Fire Alarm System Options

If your Arizona business has been around for years, that’s great — and we wish you continued success. But it probably means you’re working with an antiquated fire alarm system. That system may have been working for you up until now, but if a serious fire emergency happens, you want the best. Titan Alarm Inc. uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment for its fire systems to provide you with maximum protection. Our technicians are continually trained in how to install, maintain and monitor the leading commercial fire alarm equipment for your business. If you’re starting a business in Arizona and want to start off on the right foot with your Arizona fire alarm system, if you’re ready to upgrade your system or if you just need to equip your home in Arizona with a top-of-the-line fire alarm system, contact Titan Alarm Inc. today.