Gift Ideas for Home Safety and Security


The holiday season is rapidly approaching — and that means it’s soon time to figure what gifts to get for your family members and friends. If your list includes someone who is conscious about home security, there are several fantastic gift ideas that are sure to be a big hit:

  • Nest Thermostat: This programmable digital thermostat is the perfect complement to a home security system that features home automation. The Nest enables the user to keep every area of the home at the ideal temperature throughout the day and night, while also increasing energy efficiency.
  • Canary All-in-One Home Security Device: The wireless Canary combines a video surveillance camera that sends an alert with a siren whenever someone is outside the home. The Canary is also simple to install — there are no wires to run inside or around the home.
  • Dropcam Video Camera: This small camera is one of the best tech security gifts for anyone who wants an inconspicuous, easy-to-install home monitoring device. The Dropcam features a sweeping, 130-degree camera angle that provides a wide view of the home’s interior that the owner can monitor via smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Schlage Keyless Door Lock: If you know someone who always seems to be forgetting or losing their keys, this keyless door lock offers the ideal solution. The user can unlock the door by entering a passcode and receive text or email alerts whenever someone else uses the code to get inside.
  • Spiked Sprinkler Head Hide-A-Key: For people who would rather keep a spare key around than go keyless, this inexpensive device offers a better alternative to hiding a key under a doormat or in a flower pot. The Hide-A-Key looks just like a real sprinkler head — which is probably the last place a burglar would look for a key. Hide-A-Key is also easy to install, as no digging is required.
  • Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher: This innovative device is one of the best gifts for a security nut who is also a wine connoisseur — while it looks like an authentic wine bottle, it is a fully functioning fire extinguisher that can quickly put out a stove or oven fire. It’s also classy enough to display out in the open where it’s within easy reach if a fire breaks out.
  • Scout HD Security Camera: The Scout is a WiFi-enabled thermal security camera that allows the owner to view streaming 1080p HD video via computer, smartphone or tablet. The Scout is also equipped with a two-way audio feature that enables the owner to communicate with a visitor — or frighten away an intruder.
  • SALT Self-Defense Gun: The SALT offers a non-lethal, but effective alternative to a real gun. Instead of bullets, this self-defense gun fires rounds that contain a chemical compound that causes temporary blindness and lung constriction. The manufacturer claims that the compound is more potent than the materials used by the Department of Homeland Security and the military.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.