Home Security for the Elderly


While having a reliable, easy-to-use security system is essential for homeowners at every stage of life, there can be a heightened need for seniors, especially those who live alone. Criminals often prey on vulnerable elderly folks who may not be able to protect themselves. What’s more, many standard system features are not always “senior-friendly,” which can render them ineffective in some situations.

The following tips can help to ensure that seniors have access to the best security solution that will keep them safe, without being a hassle to use:

  • Install video surveillance: While every home should have security cameras, they’re even more important for the elderly. A video surveillance system allows a senior to investigate a strange noise or see who is ringing the bell without having to go outside or even open the door.
  • Use remote operation: A traditional home security system features a wall-mounted keypad or control panel, but this might not be a viable option for mobility-challenged seniors. On the other hand, a remote control-based system allows the elderly to operate and monitor it from anywhere in or around the home.
  • Consider oversized buttons: Visually impaired seniors may have trouble seeing the buttons and small numbers on a keypad, making it difficult, if not impossible to operate. A simple solution is to install an oversized keypad with larger numbers and symbols.
  • Augment sound with lighting: Most security systems have audible alarms that alert the occupants of a fire, burglary attempt or other safety issues. However, these features offer little benefit to seniors who may be suffering from hearing loss. It may be necessary to incorporate flashing or strobing lights to provide an elderly resident with a visual warning sign.
  • Stay up-to-date with smoke and carbon dioxide detector maintenance: Seniors with limited physical capacities may not be able to check or change the batteries on ceiling-mounted smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. A friend or loved one may need to handle this potentially lifesaving task.
  • Activate home automation: A system that automates the operation of alarms, heating and cooling units, appliances, door and window locks and lighting can make life much easier — and safer — for seniors. A professional installer or a tech-savvy friend or relative can assist with any programming needs.
  • Utilize central monitoring: A professionally monitored home security system is paramount for the elderly. The central monitoring station includes trained personnel who can respond to alarms triggered at the house and dispatch help immediately if needed.
  • Look into medical alert systems: Seniors with health issues can benefit from wearing a push-button pendant or bracelet where they can request help if they fall or experience a medical problem. As with home alarm systems, these products come with central monitoring to ensure a timely response during an emergency.

Titan Alarm Can Provide the Best Security Solutions for Seniors

Here at Titan Alarm, Inc., we recognize the challenges that many older adults face when attempting to stay safe. We can design and install a customized security system that addresses the senior’s specific safety challenges. Contact us for more information and a free in-home consultation today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.