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Home security is a key concern in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding area. The suburbs of Phoenix area wonderful, sunny place, and a great place to raise kids for the most part, but isn’t a 100% rosy place. There is a dark side as well. Many people don’t know that Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the United States, and possibly the world. Mostly illegal immigrants are kidnapped and forced into effective slavery here, on this highway from Mexico to the rest of the United States.

Some areas of the city are more susceptible than others to this type of dangerous activity, and such neighborhoods tend to experience higher than typical crimes of other nature as well. South Phoenix and Maryvale in west Phoenix are particularly notorious for being dangerous neighborhoods, although crimes such as murder, rape and robber can happen anywhere (and in any city for that matter).

In these neighborhoods in particular, home security is paramount. In many areas in Phoenix, homes might have bars on the windows to keep out intruders, although this might not be the most effective strategy. The best way to deter a burglar is to make the house as unattractive as possible from a theft standpoint, and to make it difficult to break into unnoticed at the same time. The key here is “unnoticed” as any modern house can be entered without a key quite easily. Thus a burglar’s main concern isn’t about getting in per se, but about doing so and getting away with it.

Install heavy duty locks on the doors, complete with deadbolts. A simple latch can be opened easily, even for someone with minimal experience, and a credit card or other thin, flexible object. Deadbolts require much more equipment, time or brute force to break in to, and their existence may simply cause a potential thief to shop elsewhere.

Security bars on windows are a debated line of defense. They do make it much harder for someone to get in. Obviously glass is not difficult to get through – a rock or a kick will shatter glass, either enabling direct access through that window, or allowing a latch to be opened, through the broken opening. Bars prevent direct entry. However, bars on a window can be a drawback for two reasons. One is that bars advertise to the neighborhood that the homeowner is concerned about security. If someone is overly concerned about security, a burglar might wonder why, and consider the home to be a more attractive target. This is the opposite of what a homeowner wants. The second drawback for window bars is that they cannot often be opened from the inside. In case of a fire, that window cannot easily be used to escape the building.

Some window bar systems have breakaway releases that are access near the window inside the building but which cannot be reached from outside. These are much safer in fires, but still might be difficult to release for panicked occupants.

The best option is a security system by Titan Alarm. Our systems offer comprehensive monitoring solutions, including remote access control, text-based notifications, and climate control monitoring. With a Titan System, you will always know your Phoenix home is secure.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.