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Do I Need Home Security in Phoenix?

Like many people you may be thinking, is a home security system really necessary? Well, the simple answer to this is, yes! 

No matter where you live nowadays, there will always be a necessity for home security. Today we are going to be looking at some of the top reasons that you need a security system to keep your home and loved ones safe.

If you live in Phoenix and you are in search of a security solution that can protect your home or business, Titan Alarm is here for you.

To Protect and Secure

The FBI has recently said that 1 in 3 homes that are not armed with a security system will fall victim to a burglary. Comparing these statistics to 1 in 250, that alone should be enough to convince you.

It may be an unbelievable statistic, but every 13 seconds, a home burglary takes place. That equates to almost 6,000 burglaries per day.

Simply installing a home security system can offer added protection and dramatically reduce the chances of you falling victim to a burglary.

Great For Protection Against Fires

While most people think of home security as a way to protect their homes from burglaries, what many people do not realize is the capability of the security system when it comes to protecting against fires too.

A lot of people are often guilty of thinking a house fire will never happen to them. Unfortunately, when we look at the 2017/2018 statistics from the Phoenix Fire Department, we can see a total of 21,730 call-outs to domestic fires.

This is where an internal motion-sensing camera system can be highly beneficial. These cameras are generally quite inexpensive and can report directly to your handheld devices when motion is captured. 

Having this available when smoke is spotted can give you the vital time required to call the local fire department and have any fire tackled before it goes out of control.

Having the addition of heat sensors and smoke detectors is also a great way to alert anybody that’s in the local area that your house may be in danger.

Monitor Your Carbon Footprint

Having an internal camera system can also be highly beneficial when it comes to ensuring we have done our bit for the planet.

We are all guilty of leaving a light or two on when we head out for work; the trouble is, this is neither efficient for the planet nor our wallets. While at one time, it would have been the case that we would have to travel home to rectify these issues, this is no longer the case.

We now live in a beautiful age of technology, and this enables us to deal with small issues like this wherever we may be in the world. Pairing your security system with smart technology in your home can be highly beneficial.

Save You Some Money

When you own your own home, you know that having homeowners insurance is an absolute necessity. This is loosely related to why you need to have a security system in your home.

While homeowners insurance is below the national average in Phoenix, it is still quite a sum yearly. Having a security system will always lower the cost of your premium. When you take into account the saving you will make over a year, the savings you make on your insurance will pay for your security system before long.

It is important to note that the better and more reliable your home security, the more significant the discount that will be offered by the insurance company.

Remotely Monitor Your Kingdom With Cameras

While people love to get away and travel, more often than not, there is still a little sunken worry that while you’re away, something will happen to your property.

Having an internal and external camera system is one of the best ways to give you peace of mind. No matter where you may be in the world, providing you have an internet connection, you will be able to view all aspects of your home. 

Another advantage of security cameras is their ability to act as a deterrent. Pairing a camera system with a good alarm system is one of the finest ways you can protect your home.

Protects Your Car

One of the finest reasons to get a security system if you live in Phoenix is to protect your car. It may shock some of you, but Arizona is ranked 8th in the entire nation when it comes to car theft.

If there is one thing we love just as much as our home, it’s generally our car (and possibly our children too). There is no worse feeling than waking up to find your vehicle has gone.

Car theft nowadays has come a long way. Car thieves often attempt to gain entrance to the house; this is because they want to get hold of their keys. The best way to deter this, apart from a complex laser-based system, is an excellent house alarm system and of course, home video surveillance. 

Cameras on the outside of the home act as a significant deterrent when it comes to keeping car thieves at bay. It is also a great idea to keep your keys in a safe location too.


As you can see, there has never been a better time to get home security, and it does way more than protect you from intruders.

If you live in Phoenix and you need a complete security solution that can take care of everything from Burglar alarms to access control systems, and everything in between, Titan Alarm should be your first choice. 

At Titan Alarm, we don’t believe in using contractors like most other companies; we have a dedicated and multi-skilled team of employees that will treat you like a member of the family.