How a Home Security System Can Help You Save on Energy Bills


If you own a home in the Phoenix area, finding ways to lower those spiraling energy costs is probably a top concern. What you might not know is that the same security system that protects your property can also make it more energy-efficient.

Advancements in technology have led to the development of home automation, which makes it easier to control the operation of your heating and cooling system, lighting and other energy-related functions — even while you’re away. Here are a few examples of the many ways a security system saves money by reducing energy expenses:

  • Automated temperature control: Do you find that you must frequently adjust the thermostat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? A security system with home automation can include a programmable thermostat that automatically raises or lowers the temperature to keep it at predetermined settings throughout the day and night. In addition to providing convenience, a programmable thermostat can prevent the waste of energy that occurs when running your HVAC at a too high or too low temperature when no one is home.
  • Turn lights on and off automatically: Unnecessary lighting is another big energy waster in many homes. A security system equipped with automated lighting can save money at home by turning the lights off when they’re not in use. Sensors that are synchronized with the lighting can determine when someone leaves a room and automatically dim or shut off the lights. Timers are also available that will automate the operation of lights at preset intervals. In addition to helping you save on energy bills, this feature can provide additional security by making it appear that the home is occupied while you’re away.
  • Control lighting with geo-fencing: Do you often forget to turn out the light when you leave home? Geo-fencing technology automatically controls your home’s lighting based on your geographical location. For instance, this smart technology can sense when you get into your vehicle and drive away and will respond by shutting off the lights in your home.
  • Use apps to control security system functions remotely: Today’s “smart” security systems provide access to a downloadable app that allows you to control energy-related functions with your smartphone or tablet. You can raise or lower the thermostat or turn lights on or off with just a couple of clicks, even when you’re at work, running errands or away on vacation.

Titan Alarm, Inc. Can Help You Save Money at Home

Titan Alarm can help you lower your energy bill by designing and installing an advanced security system equipped with home automation technology. You will also have access to the intuitive, easy-to-use app that enables you to control all automation functions remotely with your mobile device.

Titan Alarm has been providing the best security solutions to homeowners throughout Maricopa County, AZ for more than a decade. You can count on us to recommend the right security product for your needs and budget. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation security consultation today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.