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    Why Do I Need A Home Security System?

    In Arizona and across the region, homeowners are learning about the advantage of our innovative new security technology. Our systems are installed fast, simple to use and provide access and control over burglar alarms, motion sensors and more from a remote online portal or smartphone app. You’ll be amazed by the simplicity of the process. Ordering and installing your intrusion alarms system is easy with Titan. You’ll also be impressed by the advanced level of protection it provides. Stop wondering “Why do I need a burglar alarm for my home?” and get in touch with Titan today! We’ll be happy to provide additional information on the benefits of installing motion sensors and visual verification image sensors in Arizona or wherever your home is located.

    Our Home Security Burglar Alarm Systems

    Titan Alarm’s home security burglar alarm systems are engineered to provide to safest, most secure environment for your home and family. Our security specialists will help you find the right system for you. We offer:

    • Fire, CO2 and Smoke Detection
    • Burglar Alarms
    • Motion & Intrusion Sensors
    • Video Monitoring
    • Instant Alerts
    • Visual Verification Image Sensors
    • Mobile and Online Apps
    • The Fastest Response Time

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      Customized Installations for Home Security Burglar Alarms

      To match today’s sophisticated methods of burglary and theft, homeowners can step up security with an intrusion alarm system that’s on the cutting edge. Titan Alarm specializes in using the latest technology to provide scalable solutions that offer effectiveness, affordability and ease of use. From motion sensors and burglar alarms to visual verification image sensors, residences across Arizona can rest assured they’ve taken the appropriate steps for keeping their family and valuables protected.

      Have you been wondering “Where can I buy a better burglar alarm for my home in Arizona?” Your search is over. Titan Alarm is a family-owned, local home security company with world-class capabilities. Our expert technicians will assist in analyzing your needs to provide a comprehensive solution custom-configured to your requirements. Our services include:

      • Fast and convenient installation of intrusion alarms for homes in Arizona and areas beyond.
      • Motion sensors to detect signs of intrusion in and around your residence.
      • Visual verification image sensors for a more immediate response.
      • Alarm monitoring and maintenance to ensure your home’s always protected.

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