How do Smart Homes Work


The evolution of home automation over the past few decades has led to the development of the latest technology wave: the smart home. What is a smart home? Simply put, a smart home features a centralized computer system that enables residents to pre-program and remotely control the operation of appliances, security devices, electronic gadgets and even the interior temperature. The computer continuously monitors these functions and makes adjustments as needed.

What Can a Smart Home Do?

A smart home can automate various tasks that otherwise would require manual operation. For example, you can use your smartphone to turn up the air conditioning while you’re on your way home from work so you can enter a cool, comfortable home at the end of a long, hot day.

If you have pets, you can program feeders to dispense a precise amount of food at predetermined times while you’re away. You can even turn on the coffee maker before you get out of bed in the morning!

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Smart Home?

Convenience and an easier, more comfortable lifestyle are the most obvious smart home benefits. As with most modern conveniences, many people would likely find it difficult to go back to the “old way” after living in a smart home for a few months — kind of like trying to use a typewriter instead of a computer to write a blog post! The availability of smart phone apps makes it even easier to manage a smart home, whether you’re sitting on your couch or traveling hundreds of miles away from your house.

Besides the convenience, a smart home is usually a more energy-efficient home. For instance, because of the technology’s ability to sense your home’s internal temperature and automatically turn your home’s HVAC system on and off or adjust the thermostat based on your preferences, you won’t waste as much energy and end up saving money on your heating and cooling bills. The ability to time the operation of your lights can also reduce your electric bill.

Smart homes can also make life easier — and safer — for seniors who live alone. The technology can remind them when it’s time to take their medications, notify emergency services if they fall or become unresponsive and even turn off the water to prevent the bathtub from overflowing. Smart technology can help seniors live independently longer, while giving their loved ones additional peace of mind.

Smart Homes and Security

Many homeowners are attracted to smart home technology for the security advantages. For instance, you can use your smartphone to monitor feeds from your surveillance cameras on a 24/7 basis, no matter where you are. You can also program your lights to go on and off at designated times to make it appear your house is occupied while you’re away.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.