How Smart Homes Can Benefit Special Needs Caregivers


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Caring for an individual with special needs is one of the most challenging tasks anyone can face. Caregivers often find it difficult to balance work and other time constraints with ensuring the person receives the full attention they require. There is also the constant worry about the loved one’s safety and security, especially if it is necessary to leave him or her home alone for extended periods of time.

Caregivers throughout Phoenix and Tucson, AZ are discovering the numerous advantages that “smart” technology can provide when caring for people with special needs. A smart home features an integrated system of network-connected devices that can include various security, lighting, temperature and entertainment components. The user can typically control all aspects of the system via automation, as well as remotely with a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

Benefits of smart homes for caregivers include:

  • Remote Monitoring: Smart technology allows caregivers to set up cameras inside the home and use their mobile devices as a remote monitoring system. They can see what’s happening in and around the house at any time while they’re at work, running errands or traveling, giving them greater peace of mind.
  • Automating Device and System Operation: In some cases, the individual may not have the capacity to operate thermostats, locks and other system features without assistance. Smart technology enables the caregiver to preprogram or remotely control the function of these devices, which can ease the burden on the loved ones and ensure their comfort throughout the day.
  • Increased Safety: A special needs individual may not always be able to defend themselves against an intruder. Smart technology delivers the heightened security they require to remain safe when they’re home alone. For instance, a doorbell camera will allow them to identify who is at the door without opening it. The caregiver can also lock or unlock a door remotely with their mobile device if necessary.
  • Providing Reminders: If the loved one is an elderly individual with memory issues, smart technology can provide electronic reminders to perform tasks such as turning off a coffee pot, locking doors or taking medications at the appropriate time.
  •  Facilitating a More Independent Lifestyle: In general, smart technology makes it easier for folks with special needs to take care of themselves and do things without the assistance of others. This also removes the burden on caregivers, as they will be able to focus on other areas of their lives and have fewer concerns about the welfare of their loved ones.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.