How to Prevent Car Break-Ins


Did you know that nearly two million incidents involving theft from vehicles occur in the United States each year? The value of the stolen items totals to more than $1.25 billion and encompasses everything from wallets and credit cards to clothing and stereo equipment.

How to Keep My Car Safe

Here are some helpful tips that can keep you from becoming the next victim of a would-be thief:

  • Park in a “Safe” Area: While no parking spot is totally secure, you can reduce the odds of a break-in by selecting a safer area with visible security cameras. A high-traffic location offers better protection than a back alley or out-of-the-way spot. When parking at night, choose a well-lit lot, or park under a streetlight if possible.
  • Secure Your Car: While this might sound obvious, always lock your car, even if you’re only running into the convenience store for a minute or two. Thieves often lurk in parking lots, waiting for the opportunity to enter an unsecured vehicle. According to law enforcement statistics, approximately 25 percent of thefts from vehicles occur in unlocked cars.
  • Hide Your Valuables: Remembering the adage “out of sight, out of mind,” store all valuable items under the seat or in the glove compartment or trunk. Also, avoid cluttering the inside of your car with trash or “junk” – these items might entice a thief to embark on a “treasure hunt” to see what else might be inside the vehicle.
  • Avoid Installing Aftermarket Stereo Equipment: Aftermarket equipment has long been a target of thieves who make money by reselling it. Stick with the original factory equipment — it’s in much less demand and is often more difficult to steal than poorly installed aftermarket products. The high quality of today’s factory stereo system can meet the listening requirements of even the most discerning audiophile.
  • Install Theft-Deterrent Devices: Do everything possible to make the thief’s job more difficult. Products such as steering wheel locks, steering column collars and brake pedal locks will require criminals to spend additional time to thwart these defenses. These roadblocks are often enough to make them bypass a vehicle and seek out a less challenging target.
  • Don’t Forget the Car Alarm: While many newer vehicles come with a factory-installed alarm system, some older models may not be equipped with one. Thieves are not discerning — an older vehicle can be as inviting a target as one that has just rolled off the showroom floor. And no thief will stick around for long when a blaring alarm announces their presence.
  • Install an Outside Security Camera: A good way to prevent car break-in at home is by installing an outside security camera that provides an unobstructed view of the street or driveway where you park your vehicle. A well-placed camera can also help you detect the presence of home intruders.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.