How to Prevent Crash and Smash


A crash and smash attack is a burglary tactic that focuses on your home’s security panel or keypad, using speed and brute force to prevent it from sounding the alarm. The term “crash” makes reference to the forceful entry of an intruder through a main door. And the word “smash” describes the physical action of shattering the alarm panel.

Here’s how it works:

  • The intruder “crashes” through your entry door – the one that you normally enter through and the one near your alarm security keypad.

  • Unfortunately, your alarm system cannot tell the difference between your unlocking the door and a burglar breaking in. So, as always, your system gives you a set period (usually 30-60 seconds) to key in your code and deactivate the alarm.

  • During those 30-60 seconds, your home intruder locates the alarm panel and “smashes” it. Your alarm hardware is in tatters and it is no longer hard-wired into your phone line. It has not had time to notify the alarm company or police of the break-in. The burglar can now rob you in peace.

How to prevent crash and smash

  • Go wireless – A wireless alarm system can mean one of two things: wireless components placed throughout your home, or wireless communication with your alarm company via cell phone signal. (Some systems have both wireless components and cellular monitoring). 

  • Lock it Away – You can also lock your alarm panel in another room. This works because 1) it will take a burglar longer to locate your alarm and 2) requires an intruder to crash through two doors. Keep in mind, however, that this method isn’t a foolproof solution for the smash & crash.

  • Redundancies – One of the most important aspects to protecting your home and family is redundancy. Do not put all your eggs in one security basket – don’t rely on just your alarm system to keep you safe. First of all, burglarproof your doors to prevent a “crash” (they can’t smash if they don’t get past the crash part!).

Titan Alarm’s Crash and Smash protection

Titan Alarm uses a patented crash and smash technology, that way your system will still work, even if the intruder can get to and destroy your panel.

Titan Alarm’s smart home security system is constantly monitoring activity around the home to proactively protect you from events like a burglar attempting a crash and smash burglary. All of this happens constantly and securely in a cloud storage platform, so it’s completely untouchable to a burglar so you and your security system go unharmed.

Once your smart home security system starts it’s initial countdown, the central system monitoring station takes note, if the security panel abruptly goes off-line before sending a disarm or an emergency signal, then the central station monitoring reports a suspected Crash and Smash situation in your home, and alerts the necessary first responders and emergency personnel. Crash and Smash Protection is one of the many innovative ways that Titan Alarm will protect you and your loved ones with. If you’re interested in learning more about Crash and Smash Protection or need help with a Home Security System contact Titan Alarm today!