How To Stop Porch Pirates


Have you ever received a notice from a delivery service informing you that they’ve dropped off your package — only to discover that the item isn’t there when you get home? You may have been the victim of a so-called “porch pirate.” These individuals steal packages from porches and stoops, often in broad daylight. The most brazen pirates will follow delivery drivers as they may their rounds and pilfer the packages as soon as the truck is out of sight.

Each year, millions of Americans have had their delivered items stolen by porch pirates. While package thefts occur more frequently during the holiday season, many “professional” pirates practice their illicit trade throughout the year.

Tips for Preventing Porch Thefts

The following steps can help you from becoming your friendly neighborhood porch pirate’s next victim:

  1. Choose an alternate delivery option: Rather than having the package delivered to your home, explore the possibility of using one of the following alternatives:
    • Amazon locker boxes: If you ordered the item from, you can choose to pick it up at one of their locker locations. If you’re unable to collect the package within the three-day timeframe, Amazon will issue a refund.
    • Post office boxes: Some (but not all) shippers will send packages to a P.O. box for pickup.
    • On-site pickup: Many companies will allow you to pick up ordered items at their location.
    • Trusted neighbor’s home: You may also be able to arrange to have the package delivered to a neighbor’s house if no one can be home to meet the delivery driver.
  1. Use home security features to keep porch pirates at bay: If none of the above methods are practical or convenient, modern home security technology can come to your rescue. All these options are compatible with smartphones and tablets, enabling you to monitor and control them remotely:
    • Doorbell cameras: In addition to alerting you when someone is ringing your doorbell, these innovative cameras will notify you whenever they sense motion on your porch.
    • Smart locks: Use smart locks in tandem with doorbell cameras to thwart porch pirates. Use your camera feed to confirm the presence of a legitimate delivery driver, then press a button on your smart device to unlock the door so the driver can leave the package inside. You can them re-lock the door when the driver departs. If you’re not comfortable with the thought of a driver entering your home, you can install a smart garage door controller that allows access to the garage instead.
    • Outdoor surveillance cameras: Cameras placed at strategic locations around your home will provide a sweeping view of your property. In addition to enabling you to watch delivery drivers from the moment they arrive unit they drive away, you can also keep an eye on a package left at a spot other than your front porch.

Nothing is worse than anticipating a package to be on your doorstep and realizing it’s not there. It’s a growing problem in neighborhoods across the U.S., too. Packages are disappearing from porches, stoops and doorsteps — and porch pirates are the culprits.

Porch pirates are thieves who steal delivered packages from your house. Because more people are shopping online, more deliveries are arriving each day to homes, especially during the holidays. When you are at work, school or running errands and unable to accept the packages, it results in an easy target for thieves.

How to Prevent Stolen Packages

Here are a few tips on how to avoid your special deliveries from being stolen:

  • If you aren’t home at the time of delivery, send it to your workplace or a friend or family member who will be available.
  • Request a signature for packages and deliveries to make sure the right person is receiving the box.
  • Don’t leave gifts in open view. Surround your front area with shrubs or plants to enclose your area for more privacy.
  • Don’t advertise package arrivals with posts on social media.
  • Use smart package lockers from Amazon. Their lockers allow you to pick up your package at selected locations.
  • Request an access point for deliveries besides your home, like a grocery store.
  • Track your package so you know the exact day and time of your package’s arrival.

Installing Video Surveillance Cameras to Impede Porch Pirates

One of the smartest and most effective ways to thwart off porch pirates is to install security camera systems where your packages are left — whether it be at your front door, side garage door or even back porch.

Security systems can deter thieves, especially when you place cameras in evident and visible locations. However, you will want to apply them to high areas, so thieves don’t tamper with the system. If a porch pirate notices your security system, it can prevent package theft not only at your home, but it may also help secure your neighborhood as well.

Along with a security system, always make sure your home in well lit. Use outside lights, motion lights, spotlights and timed lights while you’re away to give your home a lived-in look. An alarm system is also a helpful tactic if you want to prevent package theft.

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