How to Survive a Robbery



If your business handles cash or stores or displays valuable items, you could easily become the target of a robber. A robbery is different from a burglary in that the victims are confronted by an armed individual who demands cash or property. Consequently, a robber typically poses a greater risk to your personal safety than a burglar who makes every effort to avoid detection.

While being the victim of a robbery is a frightening and a potentially life-threatening experience, you can increase your odds of survival by following these safety tips:

  • Remain calm: While most robbers do not want to harm anyone, they are usually desperate — which makes them highly unpredictable. Victims who appear stressed could further agitate the robber, possibly increasing the risk of a violent outcome. While staying calm under such trying circumstances is difficult, it can significantly enhance your safety during a robbery.
  • Cooperate: Another important robbery survival tip is to obey the robber’s commands. Robbers want to get what they’re after and flee the premises as quickly as possible. Cooperation reduces the likelihood that the robber will view you as an obstacle or threat. However, do not volunteer to do anything more than what the robber specifically tells you to do.
  • Stay quiet: Robbers are not interested in engaging in conversation. They will view your attempts to talk to them as a distraction and could cause them to become even more agitated. Speaking should be limited to providing brief, direct responses to the robber’s questions. If you need to clarify a command, keep your question short and to the point.
  • Do not resist: The robber will likely view any attempt to resist or fight back as a threat. Do not attempt to reach for a weapon or overpower the robber. Any sudden movement could have disastrous consequences. Always ask permission before taking any action.
  • Observe as many details as possible: Any information about the robber you can provide to the police will greatly improve the chances of apprehension and a successful prosecution. Make a mental note of as many details as possible about the robber, such as approximate height, weight, clothing, type of weapon and any distinguishing or unusual physical features.
  • Lock up immediately after the robber leaves: There’s always a chance the robber could return to the scene — perhaps due to a fear of leaving incriminating evidence behind. Make sure to lock the door and immediately call the police when the robber exits the building. If possible, note the direction the robber takes when leaving.

Installing a Security System: An Essential Robbery Protection Step

An advanced security system can reduce the chances of a robbery, as well as provide important visual evidence should a robbery occur. If you operate a business in the Phoenix, AZ area, Titan Alarm, Inc. can provide custom surveillance camera installation and design that will provide the reliable robbery protection you need. Contact us for more advice on protecting yourself during a robbery and to schedule a no-obligation on-site security consultation.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.