Things to Teach Your Employees to Help Keep Your Business Safe



How safe is your business? Virtually every business is vulnerable to a wide variety of security risks these days. In addition to threats to physical safety, the way your employees use the internet, email and social media at work could also increase your exposure to a potentially devastating data breach. Here are a few things you should teach to your staff to minimize your security threats.

  • Make it a team effort: If you allow employees to open your place of business each day, make it a two-person operation. After unlocking the door, have one employee remain outside while the other checks the interior to ensure the premises is secure. If you send employees to the bank to deposit your business’s cash proceeds, make sure this is always handled by two staff members.
  • Be alert for suspicious individuals: Your security awareness training should include teaching employees to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals or activities. Instruct them to alert management or security personnel immediately if something seems amiss. In larger facilities, consider requiring all employees and visitors to wear ID badges.
  • Have a disaster plan in place: One of the most critical safety tips for employees in the office is to develop a plan that instructs them how to react in the event of a crisis. Appoint employees who have specific leadership responsibilities if a crisis occurs. Also, be sure to conduct drills on at least a semiannual basis so your employees can practice your plan’s execution.
  • Teach parking lot awareness: Employees are especially vulnerable when walking to and from their vehicles, particularly at night. In addition to keeping your parking lot well lit, teach your employees to be aware of their surroundings as they enter and leave the building and to look inside their vehicle prior to unlocking it.
  • Consider offering self-defense training opportunities: Offering to pay for self-defense training classes can serve as an employee perk, while also ensuring your employees know how to defend themselves should they become the target of a physical tack within or outside your facility.
  • Protection against data breaches: A data breach can cause irreparable harm to a business’s reputation, especially if sensitive customer information falls into the wrong hands. Your employee information security training initiatives should include teaching your staff to follow safe computer hygiene practices. Make sure they choose strong, complex passwords that are difficult to break by hackers. Also, provide instruction on how to detect suspicious emails, as well as what constitutes appropriate and safe social media use in the workplace.

Install an Effective Business Security System

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.