How Smart Technology Can Help You Create a Pet-Friendly Home While You’re Away



While many of us would prefer to take our beloved pets with us wherever we go, this isn’t always a practical option, especially for frequent travelers. And if you’re like many pet lovers, you probably want to do anything possible to avoid placing your cherished cat or dog in a kennel when you go on an extended trip. Even if you only leave your pets home alone during the day while you’re at work, you probably worry about them from the time you depart in the morning until the moment you walk through the door at the end of the day.

A Smart Home Gives You Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Transforming your house into a smart home will allow you to leave Fido, Fifi, Fluffy or Felix home alone — without having to spend all your time worrying about what they’re doing or whether they’re safe. You can also ensure their comfort throughout the day and night. A smart home enables you to use the Internet and automation to control various systems such as lights, surveillance cameras, appliances and HVAC units while you’re away. You’ll be able to use your Web-connected laptop, smartphone or tablet to perform functions such as:

  • Monitoring your pets’ activities: Use your mobile device to view live or recorded feeds from your home’s surveillance cameras at any time. You’ll be able to see that your pets are safe — and whether they may have decided to use your favorite pair of slippers as a chew toy!
  • Letting caregivers inside: If you’re leaving for several days, you’re probably planning to have somebody stop by once or twice a day to feed and care for your pets. Smart technology allows you to unlock the door to let them in when they arrive — even if you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away. No more worries about hiding spare keys or having them “disappear.”
  • Maintaining their sleeping habits and routines: Your pets grow accustomed to the lights going on an off at certain times while you’re home, which affects their sleeping and behavioral patterns. With a smart home, you can operate your household lighting remotely so you can keep your critters on their routines.
  • Keeping your home comfortable: Smart technology allows you to monitor the temperature throughout the day or night. If your home becomes too hot or too cold for your pets, you can adjust the thermostat with a few quick taps on your keyboard or screen.
  • Helping them stay out of trouble: Do you have areas of your home that are off-limits to your pets but do not have doors to prevent access? Using smart technology, you can install motion sensors that will detect if they attempt to enter a “forbidden zone.” Tripping the sensors will trigger a pre-recording of your voice coming through your intercom system warning them to stay away.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.