Keep Your Playrooms Safe


A lot of parents out there believe that their home is one of the safest place for their children to be, and more often than not that’s true. Unfortunately, there are reports that at least 10,000 children are brought to the emergency room almost every day for common house hold items causing injuries. What is even more sad is that around 6 children die per day, caused by an accident that happened around the home.

At Titan Alarm, our goal is to make sure you are educated and able to keep your family safe and protected. Children spend a lot of time in the playrooms we have set aside for them, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common things that cause injury to children that are normally found in the play rooms.


  1. Stuffed Animals

They’re a child’s go to toy for cuddling and when they need to be comforted, but did you know that the stuffed animals that are kept in your child’s playroom can also be dangerous? To drop the rate and risk of suffocation that can be caused by these toys, make sure to try and keep them away from the main areas that your young child sleeps in or lays down around.

Toddlers and younger children can often remove small pieces off of the stuffed animals, like eyes, buttons, and other little details sewn onto the stuffed animal, so if needed, reinforce or remove these pieces.




  1. Magnets

Did you know that children can be seriously and sometimes fatally harmed by consuming small magnets? The CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission actually recommends that any toys with magnets need to be kept away from children that are under the age of six. If you search your house’s playroom and find these toys, simply remove them until your child is at an age to play with these toys safely.




  1. Foam Mats

Remember those mats that they used in Gym Class and in almost every child care facility? If you have those in your house, make sure that chemically it’s safe. There are a lot of foam play mats on the market that unfortunately contain formaldehyde and quite a few other toxins that will present risks to your child’s health.




  1. Trampolines

Who didn’t love trampolines growing up? The little indoor trampolines seem like a bit less danger than the rather large ones set up in people’s backyards, but it actually still is rather unsafe. If your playroom is equipped with a trampoline consider replacing it with something a little safer, and with something that doesn’t have metal springs a child’s hand could get caught in.




  1. Arts and Crafts

This was some of the most fun as a child, play-doh, crayons, finger painting, the messy stuff, and most of the time these supplies are made to be nontoxic so that children can use them safely. However there are still quite a few out there that aren’t marked nontoxic and can cause an emergency room trip to have a child’s stomach pumped. Until your children are old enough, don’t let them use these products unsupervised.




  1. Packaging and Bags

The amount of packaging that children’s toys come in now a days is ridiculous, five different layers to get through just to get to a happy meal toy, but in all seriousness, these materials if left out around the house can cause choking hazards, keep these materials stored safely or quickly dispose of them after unwrapping a toy or gadget.



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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.