Keeping Kids Safe in School



Except for the summer months, kids probably spend more time at school than anywhere else. As parents, we want to make sure the school environment is as safe as possible for children. The following kids’ school safety tips can help you keep your kids out of harm’s way and give you a little extra peace of mind:

  • Become familiar with school policies: At the beginning of each school year, review the school’s handbook to learn about its policies regarding potential child safety issues such as bullying, fighting and visitor access. You’ll also want to know what plans are in place in case of an emergency. Contact the school administration if you have questions or concerns about any safety procedures.
  • Teach your kids how to handle difficult situations: Bullying is a common problem in many schools that can sometimes evolve into a dangerous situation. Instruct your kids on how to react if they feel threatened by another student. Explain how talking about the problem with you or a teacher or simply walking away are much better alternatives than responding to the bully and getting into a fight.
  • Keep an open dialog: Children often will not volunteer information about what is going on at school, especially if they are being bullied or have gotten into trouble. Open communication can go a long way toward keeping children safe in school. The simple act of asking open-ended questions about your child’s day at school can often reveal whether they may be experiencing any difficulties.
  • Get involved with school activities: Getting involved in school activities such as PTA and clubs can actually contribute to the safety of children at school. You’ll have a better insight into the school’s environment, and the interaction with other parents can sometimes provide information about what is happening at the school. You will also become a stronger presence in your child’s life.
  • Inform school officials of any health conditions: If your child has a chronic health condition that may prevent them from engaging in certain activities, bring this to the attention your child’s teachers. Make sure your child has all medications with them before heading to school.
  • Safety to and from school: Safety threats can also occur outside of school, especially when kids are heading to school or on their way home. If your kids walk to school, have them walk with another classmate, if possible. Also avoid placing an open label with your child’s name on their backpack, as this can allow a stranger to call out their name.

Bullying can even occur on a school bus, too. If your child rides the bus, get to know the bus driver and touch base with them periodically to determine if there are any concerning issues.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.