Moving Your Security System



With all that is involved with moving into a new home, figuring out what to do with your old home security system may not be at the top of your moving needs checklist. However, you will need to decide whether you prefer to leave the system intact for the new owner – assuming this wasn’t already covered and agreed upon during the sales process – or take it with you so it can protect your new residence.

Tips for Self-Moving a Security System

What happens if you decide to take your system with you? While most reputable security system providers have a policy in place for moving a security system they install, a low-budget provider may not take care of the move for you. If yours is a self-installed system, you will need to manage the move on your own. The following tips can help you manage the process:

  • Contact your system provider to see if they can at least offer some guidance or walk you through the process of disconnecting and packing the system’s components to avoid possible damage
  • Turn off the battery backup power prior to disconnecting the system, as this will help conserve the battery
  • Examine all system sensors to ensure they are in good working condition
  • Make plans to replace any malfunctioning sensors so you will have them when you’re ready to install the system in your new home
  • If you are moving security camera systems, you will need to plan the camera placement in your new home and purchase any additional cameras and mounting equipment if needed
  • If yours is a wireless security system, contact the internet provider to ensure the service is turned on and ready to go as soon as you move in
  • Be sure to install the system as soon as possible upon moving. Many thieves target homes where new owners are in the process of moving in, knowing they are often preoccupied with a long list of details and may neglect to take appropriate security measures

Titan Alarm Inc. Takes the Hassle Out of Moving Security Systems

A great thing about choosing Titan Alarm as your residential security solutions provider in the Phoenix area is that you’ll never have to worry about moving your security system when the time comes. As a reputable full-service system designer and installer with more than a decade of experience, you can count on us to handle all aspects of the move for you.

Our customers our covered by our comprehensive move policy that applies to all residential and most small-business systems that are purchased from us. You’ll also have the flexibility to purchase certain types of new equipment at discounted prices if needed. With our move policy, you will have the freedom to focus on other aspects of the moving process.

Learn more about our move policy, and feel free to contact us for additional information about our state-of-the-art security systems.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.