Myths of Home Invasions and Burglaries


No matter where you live in Arizona, you face the risk of becoming the next victim of a home invasion or burglary. A home invasion is defined as an unlawful entry while the residents are occupying the property and can involve the commission of crimes such as robbery, rape, kidnapping or assault. A burglary entails breaking into the home with the intent to steal money or household items. In this post, we’ll explore a few of the common house invasion myths and untrue facts about burglary.

Myth #1: Invasions and Burglaries Only Occur at the Homes of the Wealthy

In fact, homeowners in lower and middle-class neighborhoods are more likely to be targeted by criminals than the affluent. Most burglars live within the communities where they perpetrate their crimes — and most of these folks do not reside in wealthy areas. Plus, many affluent homeowners these days have sophisticated security systems in place to deter break-ins.

Myth #2: Burglaries Only Occur at Night

Many people believe that burglars prefer to ply their craft at night under the cover of darkness. The truth is that many burglaries occur during the day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. A burglar will usually watch a home for several days to make sure the occupants are at work and that no one will be there when they break in.

Myth #3: Burglars Only Covet Expensive Electronics and Other Larger Items

Another common misconception is that burglars will head straight for your flat screen TV or stereo system. However, one of the numerous misunderstood home burglary facts is that thieves prefer smaller items such as cash and jewelry – it’s easier to get these out of the home, and the payoff can be much greater. That’s why so many burglars make a beeline to the master bedroom, where these valuable items are often stored.

Myth #4: Home Intruders and Burglars Usually Enter Through the Back Door

Some folks believe intruders prefer entering through the back door so they can’t be seen from the street. In reality, about one-third of break-ins occur via the front door, as it is normally the easiest access point. Twenty-three percent of intruders use a window, while only 22 percent enter through the back door.

Myth #5: Dogs Are the Best Defense Against Home Invaders and Burglars

While a growling or barking dogs might deter some intruders, the pros know how to divert their attention with food or treats. And even the most trusted watchdog could sleep through a break-in!

Myth #6: Home Security Systems Won’t Keep Intruders Out

The truth is, a well-designed and professionally installed security system is the best way to protect against home invaders and burglars. Approximately 90 percent of convicted home intruders say they would avoid homes with security systems in place.

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