Prevent Workplace Fires


One of the worst possible things to happen when your at work is a co-worker starting a fire. Although a lot of these fires are unavoidable, some of them can be prevented with these tips!

Check your wires! Before you go and plug in a computer or other electric device into an outlet always examine the wiring. If the wire is split, frayed or damaged it could cause an electrical fire.


Smoke Free Zone! Designate smoking areas outside of the building for the employees that smoke. Also make sure there are the right trash bins for employees to dispose of their cigarettes.

smoking area

Get Cooking! Set up a kitchen area with designated cooking utensils. If an employee has a hot plate at their desk it could cause a fire.


Keep is clean! Store any materials that are potentially flammable in a safe area. Make sure all warning labels are read and be sure to keep all those materials in a clean, safe area.


Less is More! Avoid overloading outlets and power strips in the office. If they overheat it could lead to a fire.


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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.