Protecting Your Glendale Home


Home safety in Glendale is a matter of avoiding some common pitfalls in home decoration and security. In order to stay safe in your home, keep the doors locked. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Perhaps someone comes to the door for some other reason, such as to deliver a package or solicit some product or service. If the door is open, maybe he or she will decide to just walk in and take something. The crime wasn’t thought out beforehand, but because the homeowner made it so easy, the crime happened. It might have been easily prevented by simply locking the doors. Titan Alarm allows you to remotely lock doors that may have been forgotten in a rush, and to check the status of your home at any time.

Glendale Home Security System

Windows should also be kept locked. Imagine if you ever got accidentally locked out of the house. Probably the first thing you’d do would be to check for an unlocked window in order to get back in. That’s what burglars think of too. It’s incredibly easy to just slide a window open and get inside. Even most screens can be removed intact and replaced later, leaving no sign of entry or exit (and those that can’t still don’t provide any protection whatsoever).

The third line of defense is a good landscaping scheme. If you maintain clear lines of sight between your front door and the street, it will be easy for neighbors to spot any suspicious activity. Furthermore, actually going next door and meeting the neighbors can be a great way to enlist them in defense of your home. Many people in modern America don’t bother to befriend their neighbors, and their home safety suffers for it.

Finally, a quality alarm system is essential for monitoring the status of your home and dealing with any possible situations as they arise. Titan’s Security Suite does much more than simply sounding an alarm if a door is opened. We offer comprehensive home management systems. From your smartphone, in a remote location, you’ll be able to handle any security threats. View home activity in real-time via the HD 100 security camera. Check status of locks and alarms, and unlock doors and disarm alarms to let visitors in while you’re away. A feature not related to security offered by the home management system is climate control. Use the remote access login to adjust the thermostat so that your home doesn’t waste energy when you’re gone but returns to a balmy, comfortable temperature when you return.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.