Public Building Surveillance


In larger cities like the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and the surrounding cities, there is always a lot of vandalism, traffic violations and crime, all of which put neighborhoods and properties at risk. With the latest technology from Titan Alarm, we can help these cities avoid and decrease their risk of these problems happening.

Security cameras although unable to stop a crime, can help prevent crimes by scaring off a potential criminal if they see the cameras.




How to Help Deter Local Crime.

With Video Surveillance in Phoenix, city surveillance can help local officials identify and respond to incidents that happen wherever the city has video surveillance cameras installed.

With the help of Titan Alarm, the local law enforcement and the local city officials can all monitor the activity that occurs in the public spaces remotely, with the application.

If your city needs a surveillance camera monitoring system, consider getting them for the following locations:

  • Public City Buildings. Avoid vandalism, and prevent crime and break ins at city owned public buildings.
  • Parking Lots and Parks. With Titan Alarm you can carefully keep an eye on the wide open areas of your city, like parking lots and public parts. With multiple cameras you can keep the best watch in your control.
  • Stoplights. Video Surveillance cameras at stoplights can help you make sure that traffic flow is smooth and you can check on intersections before emergency vehicles need to cross intersections.
  • Restricted City Areas. Set motion-triggered cameras and video surveillance to receive notifications if movement is detected in restricted areas of the city.



Custom Solutions for Your City’s Needs 

Although most larger cities face challenges similar to each other, no two city’s needs are going to be the same. Titan Alarm offers a fully customizable solution for your city and it’s needs. Make sure to think about the following questions when you call Titan Alarm to meet with one of our amazing Sales Associates.

  • In what areas would video monitoring be helpful?
  • How many surveillance cameras are needed?
  • What is the proper bandwidth and storage needed for functionality?
  • Will cameras be used indoors or outdoors?
  • Are cameras compatible with current network connection(s)?

Contact Titan Alarm today and let us help you secure your city! Call us: 602-680-4567 or Text us: 623-523-4849.


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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.