4 Tips for Security Cameras at Home


Security Cameras can be extremely helpful around the house, for monitoring rooms, to keep an eye on the exterior of your house. We’re going to go over some of the best spots for placement of security cameras for exterior monitoring of your house.


1. Your Front Door. A recent statistic states that 34% of burglars break into houses using the front door. So positioning a security camera over your front door is important. Making sure that the security camera is positioned at the front door is vital to making sure you can have the best coverage and best angles for your front door. With our technology you can see who rings your door bell with your security camera. Make sure with positioning that the camera is out of reach from sticks and the reach of burglars. If you have one of our professionally trained technicians come out and install your security camera you won’t have to worry about the positioning.



2. Your Back Door. Another statistic if that 22% of burglars break into houses using the back door. So having another camera positioned here is almost just as vital. Again, make sure that if you’re self installing the camera that it’s out of reach of burglars. The bottom line is that you have all of your points of entry covered with security cameras.



3. Your Backyard. Burglars love a good backyard, they’re normally full of tools, BBQ equipment, kids toys and recreational equipment. Make sure your backyard is armed with a Motion Sensor floodlight and a night vision security camera to keep your belongings safe. If you have a gate in the back yard make sure that there’s a security camera positioned to watch the entrance.



4. The Garage. Keep your vehicles safe. Keep a security camera positioned in your garage positioned on your valuables. Some people keep a workshop in the garage too, so you may need multiple angles covered, so run multiple security cameras in your garage.



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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.