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Access control systems offer numerous benefits when compared to old-fashioned lock-and-key security measures. Access control makes it easier to monitor who is entering or leaving your facility or designated areas, while enabling you to keep sensitive data more secure. Access control systems also minimize the hassles involved with replacing lost keys — you can simply deactivate a missing keycard and issue a new one if necessary.

However, as with most technologies, you’ll need to keep your access control system updated to maintain its effectiveness. If you still rely on a system that uses outdated HID 125kHz ProxCard cards and readers, you may be vulnerable to hackers. The access control system you depend on to keep your business safe is probably doing nothing more than giving you a false sense of security!

How Are Hackers Penetrating HID 125kHZ Systems?

Keeping one step ahead of hackers is a constant challenge in today’s access control world. Anyone with the intent to penetrate an older HID 125kHZ system can go online and purchase a card copier for $30 or less. In a matter of seconds, the would-be hacker can use the handheld copier to create an exact duplicate of a keycard — and use it to enter your facility or “secure” area.

What Can You Do to Minimize Your Hacking Risk?

If you are among the approximately one-third of all organizations that are still using outdated HID 125kHZ technology, you can enhance your security system by upgrading to 13.56MHz “Smartcard” formats. This more advanced technology is impervious to handheld keycard cloning devices. Unlike most HID 125kHZ-based formats, 13.56MHz keycards are encrypted, which means hackers must first decode them before they can copy the information.

The encrypted iClass 13.56MHz card reader products represent the “new wave” of access control system technology. But even the original iClass, the first card to feature full encryption, has been hacked, as has its successor, the iClass SE. Leading security experts recommend the installation of the latest version, the iClass Seos, which has not yet been penetrated by hackers, to any organization that is serious about protecting its facility and sensitive data.

Titan Alarm, Inc. Can Meet Your Access Control System Needs in the Phoenix-Tucson Area

If you operate a business in the Phoenix-Tucson area and it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded your access control system, you could face a high risk of being hacked. As a leading security system solutions provider in the region, you can count on Titan Alarm for advanced access control technology that will significantly reduce your vulnerability.

Unlike some of our competitors, we no longer sell inadequate Prox technology readers or cards for new installations. Instead, we now standardize on iClass SE readers and strongly recommend the use of iClass Seos keycards. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve implemented the best defense against hackers.

Contact us to learn more about how you can upgrade your access control system technology and to schedule a free on-site security consultation today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.