Should You Install a Nanny Cam?



If you have small children that you leave in the care of a babysitter or au pair, you may be considering the installation of a “nanny cam.” Nanny cams are video surveillance cameras that are placed in targeted areas of your home that allow you to remotely monitor the interaction between the nanny and your kids. In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of nanny cam use and take a look at some of the more common camera types.

Benefits of Installing Nanny Cams

The main reason many parents choose to install nanny cams is peace of mind. Being able to monitor your kids while you’re away gives you the assurance that they’re being properly cared for. You can also spot potential issues that you may need to discuss with your nanny. For instance, if you see that the nanny is not paying close enough attention to your kids or allowing them to engage in behavior or activities you find unacceptable, you can take the appropriate corrective measures. Surveillance video from nanny cams can also be used to assist law enforcement and prosecutors in instances of suspected child abuse or neglect.

What are the Potential Nanny Cam Issues?

It is not against the law to install a nanny cam in a home in Arizona or any other state, and you are not required to inform the nanny of the camera system’s existence. Many states (including Arizona) also permit the use of audio recording equipment. However, it is illegal to use a nanny cam in private areas such as bathrooms or a nanny’s sleeping quarters. Not informing your caregiver about the use of surveillance camera can also pose certain ethical issues. For example, if your nanny happens to discover a hidden camera, it could erode the sense of trust that has developed over time, permanently damaging the relationship. If you choose to disclose your use of cameras to your caregiver, it is important to fully address any concerns she may have.

What Types of Nanny Cam Systems Are Available?

If you elect not to inform your caregiver about your use of surveillance cameras, you’ll want to install them in discrete locations that are difficult to detect. Many hidden nanny cams can be disguised by common household objects. Cameras built within clocks are one of the more popular options, along with cameras in smoke detectors and electrical outlets. Certain stereo and sound system equipment can also conceal cameras with ease. Keep in mind that an experienced nanny is probably aware of these types of devices and is likely to spot them, which can defeat the purpose of not disclosing their existence.

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