Signs That a Burglar Is Targeting Your House


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The typical neighborhood burglar is not reckless — which is probably why only about 13 percent of household burglary investigations result in arrests. Many housebreakers will take the time to “case” a property for several days or longer – they’re looking to see when the occupants come and go, whether there are dogs lurking or any areas of vulnerability that will make it easier for them to gain entry.

How can you tell if a thief may be looking to make you his or her next victim? Telltale signs include:

  • “Unusual” vehicles parked on your street: If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you probably know which vehicles belong to your neighbors — and which ones seem out of place. If you notice an unfamiliar parked car on your street for an extended time, notify law enforcement so they can investigate.
  • Strangers knocking on your door: Some burglars will pose as door-to-door salespeople or solicitors for charitable organizations to gain access to the inside of a home. The information they glean during their visit can prove invaluable when they come back to break in when you’re away. The common-sense rule to follow is to never let someone into your home unless you know them, or they have a valid reason to be there.
  • People taking pictures of your home: Burglars will often use their smartphones to snap photos of a home to assist them in planning a break-in. If you observe someone attempting to photograph your home, use your own phone to discreetly take pictures of the individual and notify the police.
  • Service people hanging around: Thieves sometimes take legitimate day jobs as home repair workers or members of cleaning crews, which can give them a free run of the inside of a home. Some will even unlock a door or window, so they will have easy access when they return to burglarize the property. Keep a close eye on anyone you allow into your house to perform work. When they leave, check to make sure nothing is missing, and the house is secure.
  • Exterior lights that stop working abruptly: Burglars who prefer to ply their trade at night may attempt to disable your home’s outdoor lighting to avoid detection. If your porch light suddenly stops working, check if the bulb is missing. Some thieves will steal the bulb during the day, then come back after dark.
  • Missing trash or disrupted containers: Identity theft is a growing problem these days. Thieves can often gain valuable information such as Social Security numbers and bank records by rooting through your trash. To be safe, shred anything that contains personal information before you throw it away.

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