5 Ways a Smart Home Can Keep Your Family Safe


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The term “smart home” refers to a house equipped with lighting, an HVAC system, alarms and appliances that the owner can control remotely via smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Smart homes also enable the automation of these systems and devices.

Many modern homeowners are making the transition to smartphones for reasons such as convenience and energy efficiency. But a house equipped with this advanced technology can also provide numerous security benefits:

  1. Monitoring remotely: If you frequently travel for business, smart technology enables you to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Use your mobile device to monitor your surveillance feeds from your property, check in on your kids or receive an instant alert whenever someone or something triggers an alarm.


  1. Eliminating spare keys: Many homeowners like to hide extra keys around their property in case they lock themselves out. Of course, most burglars are aware of this tendency and are adept at finding even the most “imaginative” hiding places. A home equipped with smart locks, which you can control with your mobile device, eliminates concerns about intruders locating your spare house keys and gaining easy entry to your home.


  1. Seeing who’s at the door: Have you ever had the unsettling experience of someone knocking on the door or ringing the bell in the middle of the night? A smart doorbell allows you to see who’s on the other side of the door without opening it. It can also send a video of the doorway to your phone, so you don’t even have to get out of bed to answer the door. Some models even enable you to send a picture of the individual to the police if you have reason to be suspicious.


  1. Detecting intruders: Too often, home invasions occur because the occupants are unaware of the presence of the intruder until he or she is already inside. A smart home equipped with exterior motion sensors can provide immediate alert whenever someone breaches the perimeter of your property. You’ll have plenty of time to act before the individual gets to the house.


  1. Keeping watch over kids, pets or seniors: If you have teenage children or pets who are home alone, smart technology gives you the peace of mind of knowing that they’re safe while you’re away. And if you have aging parents who are unable to fend for themselves, you’ll be able to intervene or request help quickly during an emergency.


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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.