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Four Ways to Interact With your Titan Alarm Smart Home

If you’re always on the lookout for the newest and most innovative ways to increase your technology in your home, then here are four amazing ways to get it even more integrated into your life, by connecting the following devices to your Titan Alarm Smart Home.
Smartphone and Tablet: 
The application for on iOS and Android can turn your mobile phone or tablet into a central command station for your home, using portability and convenience to make the application extremely useful.

With everything from instant security notifications and one touch commands, to setting custom rules and commands that can access multiple smart home devices at the same time, the smartphone and tablet applications give you a complete solution to smart home control whether you’re at home, or away at work.

Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV 

If you’re watching TV when the door bell rings you can use your remote for either device to navigate quickly to the native application and see who’s at the door and check your other cameras around the house as well.
Alarm com Apple TV App.jpg
Both of these applications have been designed by to make viewing all your live feeds from your house painless. That way you have a larger screen to view more detail from the cameras rather than using a smaller smart phone screen to see everything. The tv applications allow up to four live feeds simultaneously to stream to your tv.
Smartwatch Apps

With the application for the Apple Watch, it allows awareness, control and visibility all at a quick glance of your wrist, which makes it an amazing part to integrate into your smart home system. With the taptic feedback responses programmed into the watch, it can let you know when something is happening with your smart home automation system.

Amazon Echo

The future is officially here, with the Amazon Echo, your smart home automation system is controlled by voice control! Starting later this year you’ll be able to control everything with simple commands like “Alexa, turn off the kitchen lights.” and your kitchen lighting will turn off without you having to move a muscle. So sit back and enjoy your movie night when you forget lights on.
Want to learn more about how to control your home with amazing applications on devices like the ones mentioned above? Contact Titan Alarm today 602-680-4567 or text us 623-523-4849.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.