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Working smoke alarms and fire systems at home can provide life-saving tactics from potential fires. That’s a fact that has been pushed out into the public very well for years now, and it’s one we all know to be true. Unfortunately the public isn’t as educated as to WHERE fire alarms and smoke detectors should be placed throughout the house.
According to recent surveys, less than half of the general public know that there should be a fire alarm or smoke alarm installed in each room of the house.

In order to better educate everyone, here’s a few pointers about installing and keeping up with your smoke alarms and fire systems.

  • One Per Room – One of the biggest issues is that many houses aren’t as equipped as they should be, make sure you have a fire alarm or smoke detector in each room.
  • Right Outside – Another great place for a smoke detector or fire alarm is right outside rooms, in the hallways and one on each level of the house.
  • Change The Batteries – Your smoke detector batteries should be replaced at least twice a year. Remember, you don’t want your batteries to go bad when you need it most.

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About half of the fire deaths that happen in the U.S. every year, happen between 10pm and 7am. During the hours where most people are sleeping. If you have a working smoke alarm or fire system that number can reduce the risk of dying in a house fire in half.

These facts all work with the importance of having working smoke alarms or fire systems in all bedrooms.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.