Snowbird Security


In Phoenix, we all know that this city is a hub for snowbirds! So this one is for the ones who are lucky enough to escape the heat during summer and enjoy our perfect winters.

Many of you leave your homes unattended during the summer months, if this is you, make sure to follow the tips we have below.

1. Appearances Are Deceiving.

Burglars and Intruders have a great eye for homes that are vacant for the summer, there’s a lot of signs for them to tell by.

Here are three that are easy to prevent:

  1. Unattended Landscaping – This one is pretty easy to prevent, hire a landscaper or neighbor to help take care of your landscaping while you’re away for the summer.
  2. No activity in the house – With a Smart Home Automation System from Titan Alarm, you can turn lights on and off with preprogrammed times to make it appear that the house is lived in.
  3. Mail, newspapers and notes piling up. – Ask your neighbors to pick up your mail, or put a hold on your mail at the post office, or even better, get a P.O. Box so that the mail is stored for you.


One of the easiest steps to make a burglar think twice is to have a Titan Alarm sign in your front yard. Make sure yours is clean and visible to the public.



2. Make Your House A Fortress.

This tip is to keep burglars and intruders out of your house. Keep your home a fortress to unwanted visitors, make it harder if not impossible for them to get into your house.

Titan Alarm offers motion detectors, video event verification and security cameras, if utilized correctly these can keep burglars out of your house or have the police instantly alerted if someone is trying to break into your home.

Make sure before you leave for the summer that all your doors are locked. Install a security door too, the more steps they have to take to try to break in the better. Before you take off to your other home, do a walk through of the house and make sure all doors, windows and any possible points of entry are locked and secure.



3. The Toughest Is Titan.

The last tip, is to get a home security system from Titan Alarm with a Video Surveillance System and Video Event Verification. Installing this will give you the opportunity to check in on your house remotely from your smartphone or computer. If a burglar does try to break in, the Home Security System will quickly contact you and the police to make sure that the police arrive as quickly as possible.

Let Titan Alarm handle your  home while you’re away for summer. You won’t be in better hands.

If you’re looking for a company to take care of all your Home Security needs in Phoenix, Sun City, Surprise, Goodyear, Buckeye, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Chandler or Mesa then look no further.

Contact Titan Alarm today to let us take care of your house while you’re off enjoying better weather! Call us 602-680-4567 or TEXT US 623-523-4849

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.