Summer Garage Door Safety Tips


Garage door safety is important at any time of year, but the summer months can pose additional challenges The kids are home from school and are more likely to be playing outside — they may want to enter the garage to retrieve bicycles, toys and games that are stored there. There’s also a tendency to leave the door open to provide more convenient access to lawn care and gardening tools and equipment. What’s more, burglars often target the garage door as an entry point, especially when homeowners are away on vacation.

The following tips can enhance garage door safety at your home and possibly prevent a disaster from occurring:

  • Conduct a Garage Door Inspection: You should inspect your garage door once a year — a good time is right before the start of summer. Check the springs, cables, pulleys and rollers for signs of misalignment or wear. Consider contacting a reputable garage door company in your area to perform preventive maintenance and troubleshooting steps.
  • Teach Your Kids to Never Operate the Door: If you have preteens at home, instruct them to stay away from the garage door opener and to never attempt to open or close the door by themselves. Make sure you’ve mounted the opener at least five feet above the ground to keep it out of reach. If your kids need to enter and exit the garage frequently, leave the door in the fully raised position while they’re playing outdoors.
  • Close the Door Properly: When you close the garage door, make sure to shut it all the way. Don’t leave a gap at the bottom that could entice your kids to try to lift the door or squeeze under it. A small space could also catch the eye of a burglar. When lowering the door, keep an eye on it until it reaches the ground to make sure kids or pets don’t try to scamper underneath it.
  • Periodically Test the Reversing Mechanism: The reversing mechanism is a crucial safety feature that causes the door to move in the opposite direction if it strikes an object. Test it approximately once a month during the summer by placing a roll of paper towels on the ground and lowering the door.
  • Disconnect the Opener When You Go on Vacation: If you’re planning a summer getaway, unplug or disconnect the power to your garage door opener and lock the door before you leave. This can prevent a burglar from gaining access to the garage by manipulating the opener.
  • Make Sure Your Security System Covers Your Garage: A well-placed security camera and motion sensors can alert you to the presence of intruders who are trying to enter your home through the garage. A home security system that includes smart technology will allow you to monitor the status of your garage, even while you’re away on vacation.

Contact Titan Alarm, Inc. for more tips regarding how to keep your garage safe during the summer — and the rest of the year.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.