Wireless Surveillance Camera Installation Tips


Surveillance cameras serve as the backbone of any reliable home security system. Strategically placed cameras enable you to monitor the most vulnerable areas, providing 24/7/365 protection against burglars and intruders. Today’s smart technology even allows you to use your tablet, smartphone or Internet-connected computer as an extra monitor.

Achieve Added Protection With Wireless Surveillance

Many homeowners in the Phoenix and Tucson areas are discovering the benefits of installing a wireless surveillance camera system. Because there is no need to run wires or cables, you have greater flexibility to place the cameras exactly where you need them. The lack of wires also streamlines and simplifies the installation process.

The following tips can ensure the ideal wireless camera system setup in your home:

  • Conduct a camera system layout: Before purchasing any cameras or equipment, determine where you need to place the cameras in your home. Many burglars attempt to enter a home through the front door, so this should be this is a prime spot for a camera. Other spots include the back door, off-street windows, detached garages and any areas not visible from the street. Creating a rough diagram of your property can help you determine the best places to install a camera.
  • Determine proximity to electrical outlets: The beauty of wireless camera systems is that they do not require connection to a central control panel — they operate via your home’s existing Wi-Fi network. However, unless you choose battery-powered cameras, you still need to plug them in. Make sure you select camera placement locations that are close enough to electrical outlets to maximize the advantage of “plug-and play” connectivity.
  • Ensure there is sufficient signal strength: Are there areas in your home where the Wi-Fi signal is unreliable? Placing cameras in these spots may result in poor connectivity and “choppy” video streaming. If you need to install a camera to protect an area with poor signal strength, you may add a Wi-Fi extender. Removing obstructions that may be blocking the signal can also improve its strength.
  • Maximize your cameras’ motion tracking capabilities: Cameras are available that can track movement — this allows you to follow an intruder or he or she traverses your property. For best results, install your cameras about seven feet off the ground and angle them slightly downward, as this will provide the most expansive field of vision.
  • Take advantage of remote monitoring and instant alerts: One of the biggest advantages of a wireless surveillance system is the watch live or recorded camera feeds with your smartphone or tablet. Using this feature will allow you to monitor your property — and gain additional peace of mind — even if you’re hundreds of miles from home. You can also receive instant alerts that will notify you whenever your cameras detect movement.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.