Reasons to Consider a Surveillance System for Your New Home



There’s no doubt installing a state-of-the-art home alarm system is one of the best ways to protect your family and your valuables against the wide range of security threats that exist in today’s world. In the event of a fire, an effective alarm system will also provide the timely alerts to you and first responders that can literally mean the difference between life and death.

However, with so many security systems on the market, homeowners face this most difficult dilemma: What home security system should I buy? If you are building or moving into a new home in the Phoenix area, a Titan home alarm system is likely to be your best option.

Why Should I Get a Titan Alarm System?

 There are a number of excellent reasons why choosing a Titan home alarm system can provide the best solution for your home security needs:

  • Wide range of cutting-edge security options: At Titan Alarm, we offer an extensive selection of the most innovative home security system products on the market, including burglar alarms, fire, CO2 and smoke detection devices, motion and intrusion sensors, video surveillance equipment, visual verification image sensors and more.
  • Get the convenience of home automation: Many of our home security solutions include home automation where you can control and monitor your various system features remotely with your mobile device — you’ll know exactly what is going on in and around your home even if you are many miles away.
  • Centralized monitoring on a 24/7 basis: Your security solutions provider should be able to offer centralized around-the-clock monitoring and alarm verification to ensure a rapid response in the event of an emergency, as well as to minimize the occurrence of false alarms. Titan Alarm home security systems feature advanced technology to make sure you always have the help you need, precisely when you need it.
  • Comprehensive system integration capabilities: The modern home security system is a series of separate features, and it requires seamless integration to ensure maximum performance. Titan Alarm has the expertise to design and install a fully integrated, easy-to-operate system that will fulfill your total home security requirements.
  • A reputable company you can trust: Not all home security solutions providers are the same. It’s critical to choose a company that understands the unique security needs of Phoenix-area homeowners — and that also has a solid reputation for quality and dependability. Titan Alarm is a locally owned and operated security company with a proven track record of providing the best security products at affordable prices, along with prompt, attentive customer support.

Contact Titan Alarm to Learn More About What Makes Us Your Best Home Security Option

The best way to learn more about the many benefits of installing a Titan home alarm system in your Phoenix-area home is to contact us to schedule a no-obligation security consultation today. We’ll provide the right answer to that vexing question: What home alarm system should I get?

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.